Easy Ways out of Hormonal Imbalance

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Written by Kate Flannery

Hormones are an essential part of our organism, a component that fuels this complex mechanism to run like clockwork.  You can think of them as chemical messengers that travel throughout your body via the bloodstream. They help your brain stay sharp, keep your heart thumping and digestive system working.  However, when we are stressed out, exhausted or eating poorly, then they cannot fulfill their mission and tend to go rogue. As we grow older, our lifestyle often imposes these bad habits on us, so it is safe to say that everyone over 30 is already probably suffering from some sort of hormonal imbalance. That is to say, there's plenty of fatigue, depression, insomnia, and other similar problems in our life, which we are probably treating wrong.

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We could be heroes

Organs like thyroid, ovaries, testicles, and pancreas are the birthplace of these silent heroes, but even a slight hormonal imbalance could lead to various health issues. A chronic tiredness, for example, can be caused by low progesterone level, even after having a good night’s sleep. Night sweating is also a sign of a problem in this area because progesterone also serves as an internal thermostat. The best solution is to
get enough sleep each and every night, and go to bet earlier because the stress hormone is regulated at midnight.

Depression is another great menace of modern living, often the result of an accumulated stress. This condition raises the level of cortisol in our bodies, while the production of mood-stabilizing chemicals like dopamine and serotonin goes down. To get the hormones back on the right track, start doing some exercise. Do not go overboard, however, and engage in some interval workout or low-intensity activities
such as yoga. They supply your body with enough hormones like endorphin, testosterone, and insulin, reducing stress and enhancing the immune system.

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A fine balance

Another option is to use dietary dietary supplements to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids.  This substance serves as a building block for hormone production. Fatty acids also benefit your metabolism and prevent a sudden loss of weight. Just make sure to keep the balance between omega-3 and omega-6 with a nutritious diet. Consume healthy fats-rich food, some of the best being coconut oil, avocado and salmon. Avoid vegetable oils like sunflower, soybean, and peanut because they disrupt this balance and make the level of omega-6 skyrocket.

Also, newer research has shown that gut health is important in keeping the hormones in check. Furthermore, note that a thyroid hormone is responsible for the churning of your digestive system. A flaky, itchy skin is a sign that something is amiss with it, and a simple blood test can easily confirm this. More and more people are opting for synthetic treatments as a remedy, but bear in mind that this may make you dependent on drug prescription. If there is a natural way to solve a hormonal issue, then always go for it.

Hormonal blessings

Hormones are a driving force behind vital bodily functions and the cause of many mental and physical difficulties. For those who want to avoid these problems, eating right, exercising and sleeping well are the habits that form a holy trinity. They will help you stay blessed by hormonal magic and enable you to steer away from the peril. In some cases, though, you might also need the aid of products like synthetic
medicine or supplements. So, if you have a feeling that your hormones are going haywire, it is high time to get them in order.

Bio: This article was written by Kate Flannery, a gymthusiast and literature snob. When she is not at a body combat session, she's making a Caesar salad or browsing the romanticism section of a bookshop. Kate takes debunking health myths very seriously, and will cross-reference any doctor's orders. You can follow her on Twitter.


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