Why Should We Use Moisturizer Before Applying Makeup?

Written by Evlin Symon

Most people think applying make is all they have to do to make their faces as beautiful. That is a true thought but how you apply really matters. Most people forget to apply moisturizers on their faces before makeup. This is a big mistake that should be avoided as much as possible. Moisturizers give the skin the young look that most individuals’ desire. It also enhances the effectiveness of the makeup. This is just a highlight of the importance of a moisturizer. Below are the reasons why moisturizer should come before makeup;

1. It gives the skin a younger look
Moisturizers hydrate the skin preventing drying. A dry skin is always dull and looks much older than the individual’s years. It is also prone to wrinkles which are a major evidence of aging. The hydrating properties which aren’t present in most makeup make the moisturizers necessary before makeup. Moisturizers are made from humectants and emollients which assist in holding water in the body. Choose a good moisturizer for your skin and apply it regularly on your face. Avoid moving from one moisturizer to the other for consistency purposes.

2. Prevents UV rays
Sunscreen moisturizers are great in shielding the skin against the ultraviolet rays. UV rays are the major causes of the dark spots on the surface of the skin. They also destroy the collagen which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin resulting in formation of wrinkles and hence, aging of the skin. Therefore, wearing makeup alone without a sunscreen moisturizer could result to exposure to UV rays. When you apply makeup on a sunny day, think of the direct sun effects on your skin and you will never forget the moisturizer before makeup.

3. Enhances the skin appearance
If you thought makeup made the skin look better, try combining it with a moisturizer. Your skin will glow more than you have always expected. Moisturizers give the skin a glow that makes it look alive, young and radiant. Choosing the moisturizer according to your skin is very essential in this case. If your skin is oily, there are water-based moisturizers for you. Never device any reason for not using a moisturizer. Most moisturizers are made from ingredients such as vitamin C and herbal products that are great for the health of the skin unlike makeup. Makeup known to produce a more artificial look but with a moisturizer, the natural look is achieved.

4. It nourishes the skin cells
Moisturizers are well-known source of nourishment to the skin cells. Any skin which goes without moisturizing experiences a layer full of scales. Do you know what these are? Dead skin cells. It is normal for skin cells to age and die after sometime, but it becomes abnormal when the rate of death increases. Just like any other part of the body, it requires nutrients for nourishment. Most nutrients required for the skin are obtained from consumed food, but some are from the moisturizers.

Above all these benefits, choosing and using a moisturizer takes the lead. Below are the guidelines;

i. Wash you face properly Why Should We Use Moisturizer Before Applying Makeup?
Washing the skin is a basic practice that needs to be taken seriously. Wash your face not because it is a daily routine but to remove grease on the surface. A moisturizer applied on the surface of a dirty skin gives it a very rough appearance. Washing will ensure that the pores are not clogged by dirt. It also prevents formation of layers that will give the skin a rough appearance.

ii. Choose the suitable moisturizer
Never rush to using any moisturizer because it works better on a certain individual. We have different skin types that react differently to different products. The major skin types are dry, normal and oily. Water-based are suitable for oily skins while oil-based are for dry skins. You should avoid moisturizing creams which contain strong chemicals such as acids because they are never good for the skin. Making the best product choice is a perfect way of achieving the great end results. Choose a skin moisturizer according to your skin appearance and not your taste or a friend’s.

Most people have an illusion that makeup brings out the artificial look in an individual. Since most people appreciate the natural looks, most are running away from makeup. The best way to use makeup is by applying a moisturizer just before it. It gives the skin the above-elaborated benefits. The main benefits of a moisturizer are hydrating and preventing effects of direct sunlight. However, if you don’t choose your moisturizer well, it may not be as effective as expected. How you also use matters. Therefore, before concluding otherwise, make sure you have used it in a right way.





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