First Time with A Personal Trainer? Here's How to Prepare

Written by Megan Wilson 
of Ghergich & Co

We all want to be strong and healthy—right? But getting started on the get-fit path isn’t as always as easy as it sounds. That’s where the expertise of a personal trainer can help. But how do you find a person that’s a good fit for your personality and goals?

Basic questions—their philosophy, what they’ve learned, what they expect—can help. So too can knowing what your personal training sessions will look like, especially if you’re new to the routine. In addition, utilizing the skills of a personal trainer to create a set of just-for-you goals is a great way to help ensure success.

Use this criteria to get started on the path to a new you—with a little help from a personal trainer.

What to Ask?
Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

What to Expect In Your First Session with a Personal Trainer

Setting Goals With Personal Trainer
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