Could You Be A Hypochondriac?

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Obviously, it’s perfectly normal to be concerned for your health. However, if every little twinge sends you straight into a panic, you could be a hypochondriac. When you’re always worrying for your health, it can create a massive strain on your mental well-being. It also means that you may spend too much time on blogs like these! Here are some common signs that you may be a hypochondriac.

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One symptom (if you will) of being a hypochondriac, is compulsively Googling every little thing you feel is wrong with you. Alright, if you get a strange symptom every now and again and want to look into it, then that’s fine. However, if you find yourself dashing to the computer several times a day to look up a little ache, that really isn’t healthy. It probably doesn’t help that according to some websites, a slight headache means a brain tumour! Ensure you know what you’re dealing with before going straight to www.RXOutreach.org/find-your-medications/ .There’s a difference between being prudent and being obsessive. If your symptoms are persistent, then by all means see a doctor. However, you should be paying attention to how often you go looking up illnesses. Stop making mountains out of molehills!
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Being well tuned-in to what your body is doing is a good thing in a lot of ways. However, if you couple it with an anxious temperament, you could end up doing far more harm than good. Unless you have some other condition causing you pain, remember that everyone feels those little aches and twinges. If you feel one little pain, and then suddenly think that you have something serious, this is another strong sign that you could be a hypochondriac. If you have these kinds of anxieties, remind yourself that what your feeling is normal. Remember that your body will never be in a perfect condition. Countless processes are happening within it all the time, and small pains are perfectly normal.

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Finally, see if you’re overly worried about catching an illness, even if you feel fine. If you’re only a little skittish about illnesses, then this might sound a silly. However, it can be extremely serious in some people. If you’re a severe hypochondriac, the dread of catching something can be just as horrible as the conditions themselves. There’s more info on this at http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/  . If you see a friend whining about their illness on social media, and you immediately make it a point not to see them for a long time, you may be a hypochondriac. If you’re constantly in fear of catching some illness you’ve heard of, it can really be a hindrance to your social life. In some of the worst cases, hypochondriacs find it hard to function living under this anxiety. While you might stay healthier with this attitude, it won’t ultimately be worth it.

You should always be taking care of your health, but fearing for it is another story! If you’re showing these behaviours, it may be time for a reality check. Hypochondriacs are usually healthy, but rarely that happy!

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