Crazy Fitness Activities You Could Try

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For all of the great facts, knowledge and advice on the net, there’s a lot of nonsense. In fact, there’s probably more rubbish than reality. This statement is true when you try to find fitness and diet advice online. But are there nuggets of info that could provide useful for staying fit and getting healthy. Definitely, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to look at some of the best ways you can stay healthy, examining some of the craziest ideas. Let’s get started.

Running Photography

Crazy? Sure. Fun? You bet. Running photography is exactly how it sounds. Rather than just going on a boring jog or sprint, you take a camera hung around your neck or on your risk. You can then take pictures of the scenery of the environment when you jog. It’s surprisingly popular in America, so if you see a group of people in running gear with cameras, that’s what they’re doing. You can have a look at how to improve your running photography on  If you’re not interested in taking pictures, we at least recommend you get a good running track list when you jog. It will keep you motivated and pumped for longer when you’re out.


Supposedly Keith Richard is the prime example of a detox. The legendary rock singer traveled to Switzerland to have a complete blood transfusion. This might sound crazy but if you know anything about the Rolling Stones, you might just believe it. They did a lot of drugs when they were in their prime. But he’s not the only one band member that has tried to stay healthy in weird and wonderful ways. Mick Jagger has also been known to employ a wide range of fitness staff. You can find out more on a site like But does detoxing like these two gentlemen actually work. Well, there’s no scientific proof that it does. But we suppose the results speak for themselves. These rock gods are still standing.


Why go to the gym when you can sweat the fat off your body? Again, this might sound silly but think about it. The largest percentage of your body is water. Sweat it out and you are going to lose weight. That’s just common sense. So, if you’re trying to lose weight you might want to hit the sauna rather than the gym. It’s certainly a lot less tiring. You’ll need to stay in there for about forty-five minute, though, to see any effect at all.

Barefoot Exercise

Have you heard that people are starting to try exercising with bare feet? That includes running outside. We think you’d have to be pretty confident with the state of your neighborhood to try, but you can always go to the gym. What are the benefits of exercising with bare feet? Well, we’re not exactly sure. There’s very little research to say there’s any at all which makes you wonder why it’s a growing trend. There is some evidence that you’ll pick up electrons from the ground. You can read about that on we suspect the biggest change on your body will end up being a verruca.


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