Is Medication Always The Answer To Health Problems?

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Most of us have taken medication at some point in our lives. At times, it can provide an effective cure. But is it always the answer to health problems, and is it worth considering alternative therapies?

Is taking drugs the answer to health issues?

There are hundreds of different types of drugs out there and it’s possible to find a remedy for almost any problem you can imagine. Even if medication can’t cure you, it can usually improve symptoms and make you feel more comfortable. There are drugs you can buy over the counter and medicines prescribed by doctors and dentists. Generally speaking, you’ll only be prescribed medication if there is a good chance that it will prove to be an effective remedy. With over the counter medicines, it’s largely down to you whether or not you choose to take tablets when you feel ill. Some people are more reliant on medication than others.

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Medicines can often work quickly to ease symptoms, but there may be alternative solutions that are worth considering. One problem with medicines is that they can cause side-effects. These effects can range from mild skin irritation to weight gain, anxiety and constipation. It is fairly uncommon to experience extreme side-effects after taking prescription drugs. However, some people do notice major differences. For more information about potential side-effects of prescription drugs, visit

If you do struggle with side-effects, it may be possible to switch to another drug. Sometimes, it may be a matter of trial and error to find a drug, which works without causing unpleasant effects.  Another potential issue is drug interactions. Sometimes, drugs have adverse effects on the body when they are combined with other types of medication. This is why it’s so important for doctors to be aware of your medical history. If you can’t take one type of medicine due to undergoing treatment for other health problems, don't worry. It’s usually possible to find another option.

What are the alternatives?

Some people use medication as a last resort after trying alternative therapies. Most of these therapies have roots in ancient medicine and are concerned with healing and re-balancing the body. Examples may include massage therapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy. For mental health disorders, you may be advised to try talking therapies and counseling. These treatments may be an effective alternative to taking medicines such as antidepressants. Often, doctors recommend a combination of techniques.

Are you keen to try alternative or complementary therapies instead of conventional medical treatments? If so, this is a matter of personal choice. They may work brilliantly. If not, you could always revert to the advice of your doctor. You can find more information about alternative therapies at

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Millions of us take medication on a daily basis, but there’s no hard and fast rule that it has to be the first choice for everyone. Scientific evidence suggests that taking medication is incredibly effective. But if you’d rather try other solutions, this is your prerogative. Some people see medication as the answer to all health problems. Others wish to consider different avenues. If you have any questions about taking medicine, don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist or your doctor.


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