5 Easy Ways to Workout at Home

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When you are a busy parent and have little ones, it can be hard to have much time to yourself. In between diapers, chores, kids activities and the grocery shopping, there isn’t too much time to exercise. It can be a little pricey to go to a gym too. So working out at home is a great option for many moms. It can be a little tricky to know where to start, though. So I’m sharing with your today, some ways to workout at home, that need little or no equipment. Then there is no excuse to take some time out for yourself and to exercise. It can help you with stress relief, energy levels, as well as calorie burning. So it’s a no-brainer, right?


Yoga is super relaxing as you focus on your muscles, form and breathing. You could get a yoga DVD to follow, and there are lots of videos online to follow too. If you get stressed and tense, it is a great exercise to do. You could get a yoga mat if you would like, but other than that you don’t need anything. You don’t even need to wear shoes. Perhaps get a great fitting pair of yoga leggings and you will be set. You could go in the garden when the kids are napping for a change of scenery too.

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Jumping Jacks

Any kind of cardio that is body weight based should be a go-to at home. So throw in some jumping jacks, along with some squat jumps, push-ups and things like jogging on the spot. They get your heart rate up so it will help with your fitness levels. It helps to burn a lot of calories too, so do a series of exercises like these and then repeat. Keep going until you can’t any longer!

Ab Exercises

If you have had a baby, you might want to work on strengthening your stomach muscles; we’ve all been there, and it does get better! You don’t need weights or any fancy equipment to do ab exercises at home. You can do ab crunches, reverse crunches, straight leg crunches and ab twists. Mix them up and repeat. You will have a strengthened core in no time.

Step Workouts

If you have stairs in your home, you could run up and down them until your legs are feeling it.  If that isn’t quite your thing, think about using a chair or a toddler stool to do step ups with. Take it steady and do around 30 per leg. You will be feeling the burn in no time, and again, no fancy equipment needed.


This is something that you might need to take the kids with you for, but you could get them strapped in the stroller and go for a long walk. Having the extra weight of pushing them around will burn more calories and strengthen your arms too. If you get into it, you could invest in a jogging stroller, so that you can work on walking and running. You will build up your fitness levels and then can work on running the whole way.


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