How do you eat good tasting food while eating healthy?

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Written by Evie Coles

What makes fast food so appealing to kids and adults alike?  The answer is very simple. It looks appealing and has been carefully crafted to appeal to your taste buds. Knowing that fast food can be harmful for the body, the question is: how do we increase our intake of healthy food without sacrificing taste? We simply need to make healthy food look attractive and taste even better than fast food.

Making healthy food look appealing
It is said that we feast first with our eyes. Hence any food that is served needs to look appealing. This can be done by:

- Making small alterations. Small alterations that do not modify the look of the food but contribute to making the dish healthier than the original is one way of increasing the intake of healthy food. Hence whole wheat flour can replace refined white flour, black beans can substitute for ground beef etc.
- Learning to dress up food. Try plating food restaurant style, being aware of colours,shapes, textures and garnish to make healthy food look really appetizing.
- Serve small portions. When introducing healthy foods, start with a small portion as a side dish. It won’t look so overwhelming and foreign.
- Let the hunger pangs grow. Visiting any weight loss or wellness clinics offering Phentermine will tell you that any food tastes good when we feel hungry. Hence it is important to let kids and adults feel hungry before serving them.

Making vegetables taste good

Vegetables are a sure way of eating healthy food to enable healthy living. But it is also one of the most unwanted parts of a platter. Not anymore!!

Now even veggies can be made to taste yummy by:

- Ensuring that you buy fresh foods in season rather than frozen vegetables as this enhances their taste.
- Seasoning liberally with citrus, garlic, onion, herbs, vinegar or soy sauce
- Sprinkling with nuts or even some shaved parmesan cheese
- Sautéing in flavoured oils like olive oil or sesame oil etc., or in wine or broth
- Roasting rather than frying
- Blanching and then stir frying to decrease the amount of oil used
- Mixing several vegetables together to make them look visually appealing
- Sweetening the strong flavour of the veggies by adding natural sweeteners like raisins, pears etc.

Making fish, tofu and poultry taste good

Just as with veggies, tofu, fish and poultry can also be prepared healthily by:

- Marinating these proteins with citrus juice, yoghurt etc. to not only boost flavour but also to tenderise and moisturise them.
- Rubbing them with spices and condiments. After this they should be refrigerated for some time to enable these flavours to be absorbed before subsequent cooking.
- Topping these protein dishes with a dash of lemon juice, sprigs of parsley, soy sauce or tomato sauce etc. to enhance both their flavour and appearance. In fact, lemons have various diverse uses -

Making whole grains tastier

Whole grains are some of the healthiest foods available but are also among the most unpalatable, especially for kids. But they too can be made to taste delicious by:

- Sautéing in a drop of oil on medium heat to enhance their nutty taste, making them
- Seasoning with spices like cumin and coriander powder, curry and ginger powder, dried orange peel etc. at the time of sautéing the whole grains. This releases more flavours into the whole grains and also gives them a special aroma.
- Adding vegetable and fruits while cooking whole grains to impart colour and bring about brightness to a bland looking dish. This also incorporates the goodness of the vegetables into the whole grains, thereby making it healthier.
- Cooking these whole grains in chicken, mushroom or vegetable stock imparts a whole new flavour to make them more appetising.

Making fruits taste different

Fruits are packed with goodness. You can grow healthy fruit-eating habits by:

- Buying seasonal fruits at their peak rather than frozen or dried fruits so that the maximum flavour and texture can be enjoyed.
- Sprinkling with sweet spices such as clove, nutmeg or cinnamon to enhance flavor.  On the other hand, sprinkling a few citrus drops makes for a good contrast to this
sweet taste.
- Blending fruits into milk shakes and protein shakes. Mixing differently coloured and textured fruits into a fabulous eye-catching fruit salad.
- Dipping fruits in a mixture of yogurt and honey or maple syrup and chilling them in the refrigerator makes for a great dessert at the end of a meal.

There are innumerable other ways to make healthy food look and taste better. You just have to trust your instincts and think out of the box. Healthy food will then start tasting even better than fast food.

Bio:  Evie Coles is the writer of this article, and she is a professional writer and blogger. She writes on different health blogs and websites regularly. She always tries her best to write researched based articles. Find her social FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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