Signs Your Weight Loss Regime is Hurting You

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If you’re trying to become the best version of yourself, you may want to start a healthy weight loss regime to aid that. If you’re carrying a little extra weight, you might be putting your health at risk. Being overweight can cause all kinds of problems, including problems with your breathing and your joints. You don’t need to be super skinny, but making sure you are a healthy weight is a must. However, many people start a regime like this in an unhealthy way. They believe what they read in magazines too much, and think they need to starve themselves while working out twice a day to get to a good weight. Here are the signs your weight loss regime is hurting you:

You Feel Exhausted All Of The Time

If you feel exhausted all of the time, chances are, your weight loss regime is running you into the ground. If you’re exercising for hours each day, then you’re going to feel run down. This means you’ll either get sick, or give up on your health goals. You should feel suitably tired at the end of the day, but you should have lots of energy during the day if you’re doing things properly. When you feel exhausted all of the time, you really need to change something.

You’re Having Intense Cravings

Having intense cravings for things is normal, especially if you’ve eaten these things for a long time. However, if you’re depriving yourself, this will never lead to a good attitude or mindset. Usually, you’ll give up and you might even start to binge. The way to combat this is to let yourself have a little of what you fancy. Balance is important.


You’re Binging/Purging/Showing Other Worrying Signs

If you’ve begun binging, purging, starving yourself or showing other worrying signs around food/weight loss, you need to stop and see a professional. Many people develop psychological problems around weight loss and food. To make lasting, healthy changes, your head needs to be in the right place too. Be smart enough to know when you need help. Some people even turn to medical professionals to help them lose weight, but this is no good if you’re in the wrong mindset. In fact, rushing into these things can mean having to look into medical negligence claims later on. Of course there are people who can help you to deal with medical negligence compensation, but you won’t want it to get that far if you can help it.

Your Skin/Hair/Nails Are Suffering

If your skin is in bad condition, chances are you’re depriving it of the nourishment it needs. Your hair and nails may also become brittle. You need to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs.

Your Sleep Is Suffering

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, then your hormones could be all over the place. Sleep is an essential part of health, so make sure you make changes before you experience serious problems.

Make note of these signs and change what you need to!


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