So Your Doctor Got It Wrong? Here's What You Should Do

No matter how qualified a doctor is, there is always a small chance that he or she could get a diagnosis or prognosis wrong. Usually, this won’t be too detrimental to the patient's health. But what happens if it does have serious consequences for the patient? In the worst case scenario, the patient’s health could decrease, and their life could be at risk. Do you think your doctor has made a mistake in your diagnosis? Here is what you should do if things take a turn for the worse.

Get Help From Another Doctor

Your health should be the number one priority, no matter what happens. So as soon as you realize you have been a victim of a doctor’s negligence, you should let them know what is happening. But you also need to see a different doctor who can try and correctly diagnose your condition. They could improve the error and help you get back to full fitness. Don’t return to the original doctor who made the error for further treatment. He or she might only make matters worse.

Know Common Errors

It can be difficult to realize a medical mistake has been made. This is because most patients do not know the types of medical errors that commonly occur. In fact, most common medical mistakes do not result in injury to the patient. So some are nothing to worry about. However, you need to understand the injury that has occurred. This way, you will be best placed to realize whether or not you should take action against the doctor in question.

Get A Lawyer

If there is a reason for you to take legal action against a doctor, you will need to consult medical malpractice lawyers. These will help you prepare a case to take to court. Rather than hiring a general lawyer, you should find one who specializes in medical negligence. He or she will have all the experience needed to ensure your case has the best chance of success in a court of law. However, the best outcome, if it gets to this stage, is if the doctor agrees to an out of court settlement.

File A Report Against The Doctor

As well as taking legal action, you should also take professional action and file a report. This will result in an investigation by the state medical board. They will look into your case and see why the error or negligence occurred. This professional complaint could end in disciplinary action against the doctor in question. If the medical mistake was serious enough, the doctor could be stricken from the medical register. And they will no longer be allowed to practice as a medical professional. You should also rate the doctor on RateMDs, a renowned website that gives patients the chance to rate their doctors.

Being the victim of medical negligence can be a very harrowing experience. Especially if it results in an extremely serious illness or injury. Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to take action against the doctor.


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