7 Ways to Enjoy Yourself if You Have a Chronic Illness

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If you have a chronic illness or long-term disability, it is easy to let that take over your life. Everything you do seems to have to take your health situations into consideration, from what you eat to when you go out. It may even seem that you almost never feel “normal”.

It is crucial, however, that you take stock every once in a while. You may be ready to look at websites such as CaregiverConnection.org to find out where you can go when things become too much. And that is an important thing, particularly if your condition is chronic or progressive. However, if you never take a break from things, you will yourself deteriorating very rapidly. In fact, various studies have shown that having a positive attitude has a significant impact on chronic illnesses.

You will be forgiven, however, for thinking that it is very easy to say you should have a positive attitude, but tough to maintain that. While having a stiff upper lip can be of benefit in some situations, you can probably only keep that fa├žade up for a short period. But there are many things that you can do to take your mind off your chronic illness, even if it is not for a long time. And during those short periods of time, you can develop that important positive attitude. Let’s take a look at seven top tips to help you enjoy life, even if you have a chronic condition.

7 Top Tips to Enjoy Yourself

1.    Read a book and truly lose yourself in it.


It was Jonathan Franzen who said that books enable people to go to still places and that it is one of the few things during which you cannot multitask. This means that, when you read a book, you think about nothing but the story. Thoughts about your illness will be put on the backburner for a while. Plus, it allows you to escape into an imaginary world.

2.    Speak to people on social media who are not ill.


Once you develop a chronic condition, you will be put in touch with various organizations and support groups that focus on that situation. Those groups are incredibly important, but they also mean that everything in your life starts to revolve around your illness, even your social connections. Social media is available to you – use it to your advantage.

3.    Use the internet to find funny podcasts.


There are lots of podcasts out there, covering any subject. Try to find one that makes you laugh, for instance through Stitcher or iTunes. Laughter is called the best medicine, and for a good reason. Best of all, you can access these podcasts wherever you are, if you have your mobile device with you.

4.    Find your nearest labyrinth.


If you have ever been in a maze, you will know that it requires your full concentration to get out of it. If you are physically able to walk a labyrinth or having someone with you to navigate it, then it offers you a fantastic opportunity just to be lost in the moment for a while. Websites such as World-Wide Labyrinth Locator can help you find the one nearest to you.

5.    Go on a field trip.


A field trip is something you could do with members of your support group, for instance, helping each other becoming healthier and forgetting about all your problems for a while. No matter how long you have lived where you are, it is likely that there are still things that you haven’t seen. Discovering those, and immersing yourself in those, is an excellent opportunity to forget about your disability for some time.

6.    Switch on some feel-good music.


Music is emotive, and some songs will make you feel happy, whereas others will make you feel sad. There is no rights and wrong in which song you should choose, but do pick one that increases your happiness and makes you feel confident.

7.    Dance like nobody's watching.


Dancing is a fantastic workout for both the body and the soul. When you dance like nobody is watching, you can feel liberated and free. Because you move, you will release endorphins, which are the happy hormones. The impact on your overall health and well-being is tremendous.

These are just seven things that you can do to make yourself feel better. It is about having a little break, one in which you can enjoy things that make you happy individually. When you make yourself happy, you start to heal as well.


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