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Pregnancy does amazing things to your body. In fact, your body may change so much so rapidly that you might feel it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It’s true that these dramatic changes happen so your unborn child is safe and nurtured. But that doesn’t help you to feel very secure in yourself. Almost everything changes. Your hips, feet, abdomen, chest, and even your brain will be almost unrecognizable! No wonder it feels like you’ve given everything up for your baby.

It is, of course, a gift from mom to their child. However, you don’t have to give up all of yourself to your baby. Your body is still your own, and you can reclaim it even if you feel out of control of the whole situation. Your weight will increase, your shape will change, and your balance will noticeably alter. It’s important to continue exercising every day to ensure your muscles can support your body, no matter what size and shape it becomes.

Safe Workouts
So how can you exercise safely when you have a baby on board? And how on earth do you find the motivation to get up and do a workout when you’re so tired from the pregnancy? Starting early in the pregnancy can help because the strength is building as the body changes. However, you can start later in your pregnancy and still feel the benefits. Because exercise energizes you and helps to sharpen your focus, you will enjoy it a lot more than you think. You just have to get started!

Gentle Exercise
This is a delicate time in both your lives, so choose a specialist workout program that takes care of your body and the baby. There are some very good and trusted workout programs at home that you can sign up for that will boost your enthusiasm and your energy levels from day one. As your body is changing daily, it’s important to listen to it and adjust your workout as required. And if you don’t have access to a great prenatal fitness specialist, then you can try these simple, easy ways to feel good for the whole of your pregnancy.

Walking - Yes, walking is very good. It raises your heart rate enough to get a workout and helps you improve your balance as your baby starts showing. Fresh air and natural light are both very important whether you are pregnant or not. Enjoy good weather, but make walking routine. Go on - face the rain - your body will thank you for it!

Yoga - Many yoga poses are ideal for helping you to stay strong, balanced, and mentally focused. Yoga is amazing for boosting your energy levels. However, there are just as many yoga poses that aren’t ideal or even safe for a pregnant mom. Always seek advice and supervision from a qualified prenatal Yoga instructor. It is recommended you wait at least six weeks after giving birth before returning to light Yoga practices.

Swimming - There are lots of prenatal swimming groups you could join. These are particularly helpful if you’re suffering aching knees and swollen ankles because the water takes your weight. Don’t be put off by having to buy a new swimsuit. This type of exercise is very good for keeping your body strong for the big day.

The Last Month
When you are just a month away from your due date, you might feel like you’re ready to slow down. Most exercises can be carried on up to this point, but now you’re much bigger, you might be finding some of your regular movements are restricted. This can be a very uncomfortable time. Try to keep up all of the gentle exercises that you can. You might find it easier to do those for a little longer rather than shorter bursts of something more intense.

It is at this point in your pregnancy that you might be seeing your doctor more often. Always discuss your options at each appointment. If you have a tough pregnancy, some doctors might even recommend bed rest. It’s really important you follow the doctor’s advice for your safety as well as the baby’s.

The Big Day
Many women claim that keeping up their fitness levels before and during their pregnancy helped them get through the birth. It is physically taxing and draining and isn’t easy to do. But if you’re strong and you’re prepared, you’ll get through it and still have enough energy to meet your baby properly. Of course, the day after your baby arrives, you might already be worrying about getting that tummy flattened!

Breastfeeding is thought to be one of the best ways to reduce your tummy. Your uterus has been stretched and that on its own will take at least a couple of weeks to shrink back. If you are nursing your baby, your diet needs to be carefully managed to ensure little one is getting everything they need. This will also help you to lose weight, but there are plenty of other ways you can kick-start a postnatal fitness program.

Take things easy for the first couple of weeks, but try to get out for light strolls each day. Your baby will keep you very busy and very active. The fresh air from a walk will help you both sleep better. However, many newborns need a feed in the night for the first couple of months. Sleeping through is unusual. This makes you very tired! Try to take it in turns with your partner.

Try a postnatal mom fitness program to start working the abs again. Some women find their abs tore or separated during pregnancy, so care and caution are advised here. Choose a specialist to help you get back into working out. There are many workouts you can do with your baby, so you can stay in physical contact. This helps the bonding process and can even help make nursing a little easier.

Your body will never be exactly the same shape as before you became pregnant for the first time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be slim, slender and shapely again. Every mom is body beautiful and body amazing for the job they’ve done so love your body every day.


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