The New Will Always Call You, Even When You're Struggling With Routine

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It’s a common fixture of many fitness blogs and websites to feature ‘methods for helping you develop and stick to your goals.’ There’s no reason to wonder why. Without the fire it takes to keep yourself active and happy during the period of self-transformation anyone introduced to the world of fitness must keep close to heart, they will surely struggle to make it through months, if not weeks of practice. The difficulties of life, from jobs, socializing, financial issues and more can all contribute to falling off your fitness schedule.

Unfortunately, keeping a solid fitness schedule is the one thing which can keep your mind right in trying to stay on top of the whole issue in the first place, as it keeps you able to overcome challenge, stay away from your fears and generally become a much better, much more developed human in the long run. What is a difficult break up when you’ve squatted twice your bodyweight in the morning? This might sound shallow, but challenges like this, willfully submitted to, can help your entire life take on a meaning which otherwise may have been evading you.

If you are truly struggling, there are definite ways back onto a routine. Here are but a few:

Change Your Environment

People often think ‘fitness’ is limited to the bricks and mortar confines of a public or private gym. It’s almost as if these people think that just because their workout didn’t take place in this ‘official’ arena, it didn’t take place at all. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Spartans of Greece were in arguably the best peak physical shape in the world during their time, and they did it without ever stepping foot in a commercial gym.

Taking new avenues to experiencing new forms of fitness can help stoke the fire in your heart once more, and make you feel more at home in a new routine than ever. Forcing a weight lifting schedule when you hate it can demotivate you pretty quickly. Find what you love, and the novelty of this will help you push in directions and disciplines you didn’t think you were able to. It might be that martial arts is your thing, or getting aquatic with inflatable inflatable stand up paddle boards or water sports can help. Find what works for you, and throw your heart and soul into it. The routine will go from being unbearable, to bearable, to necessary with much more rapidity than you initially expected.


A partner is often touted as the best way to stick to a schedule, but this is only half the story. Finding someone who is less experienced than you, and imparting your knowledge on them (verified beforehand) can help you learn the intricacies of your fitness art even better yourself. Knowing that someone else's progress is in your hands could help you stay active and interested in the sport, constantly striving to learn new information to help them, and vice versa. The fitness relationship is often one that lasts the test of time because just like any other partnership formed in adversity, you will have common ideas, experiences, and memories to draw on. In the effort to become a better person, what could be more important?

With these tips, your new fitness schedule is likely to be one you stick to this time.


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