5 Reasons To Cut Back On Your Refined Sugar Intake

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When it comes to your health levels, it’s highly likely that you know what you need to be doing to stay healthy. Some things are always more obvious than others. We know that exercise is essential and that you shouldn’t be binging on bad food every day of the week, not to mention binge drinking or smoking - but that’s often as far as our general health knowledge goes. And it’s often hard to find the motivation to make a change too! One thing that can help with that is improving your knowledge. And today we’re going to start with all things refined sugar. You know you need to cut back on it, but let’s run over the reasons why.

Weight Loss

Point number one is the most commonly known and the one that you’re probably already aware of. But sugar is a huge culprit for weight gain and obesity. In short, those donuts, sodas, and candies are not doing a thing for your waistline! And while you’re probably working on ways to burn fat, if you’re still gorging on too much sugar you’re not going to benefit from as much weight loss as possible. So if none of the other points are enough to convince you, this one should be. Because cutting back on your refined sugar intake will help you to lose weight.

Organ Health

From here, you should also become a little more aware of the effects sugar can have on your organ health. Your organs are essential for keeping your body running healthily. And if they’re under too much stress, that’s not going to happen so easily. And sugar can be a huge roadblock. Not only does the liver hate sugar and turn it into fat, but sugar can also raise your cholesterol levels which can often cause heart disease. So it’s good for your health to start cutting back.

Bone Health

But that’s not all, because sugar doesn’t just cause havoc with your organ health. While many things can affect this, too much sugar will harm your bones and damage their health. You can read up on bone health to find out exactly how to improve this, but avoiding sugar is a start. In short, high blood sugar levels can deter new bone from forming and will increase the rate at which bone resorbs and harms fracture healing too. None of which is what you want.

Clearer Skin

If the health factors haven’t hooked you alone, this beauty one will. Because eating a diet high in sugar is bad for your skin. You’re more likely to suffer from acne or even dry skin when you eat too much sugar. So if you want clearer skin, cut it out.

More Energy

And finally, if you’re one that tends to suffer from poor energy levels, it could be sugar causing it. Although it’s easy to believe that sugar will give you energy; it’s only short term. Because with every high, there’s always a crash. So snacking on sugar to perk your energy is counterproductive, and the comedown is never worth it. 


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