How To Dress For A Run

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Everyday clothing generally isn’t practical for running in. If you’ve recently taken up jogging and want to kit yourself out with the right gear, here are a few clothing options that are both practical and stylish.

Embrace those jogging trousers

Jogging trousers were made for exercise, although many people use them solely to laze around in. It’s time to embrace those jogging trousers – they’re exactly the loose fabric that will allow you to run comfortably. There are lots of trendy joggers and sweatpants out there nowadays, some with mesh panels and cool designs. Though it may seem odd, not all jogging trousers are practical for jogging – those skinny joggers are more of fashion accessory that they are sportswear. Avoid these skinny joggers for running in.

Get yourself some running trainers

It’s important you have a pair of running trainers – these are designed to take the pressure off your joints and protect you from blisters, unlike standard trainers which are for casual purposed. Some running trainers can be expensive, particularly if you’re opting for big brands like Nike and Adidas. That said, there are some cheap shoes out there such as this list of The Best Budget Running Shoes.

Opt for thin layers

In winter it’s likely you’ll want to layer up heavily when jogging outdoors. However, you’ll soon get hot whilst running and have to take these thick layers off and carry them. Choose thin layers that are light and won’t affect your running. When it comes to raincoats, consider light waterproof materials such as Gore-tex. You don’t want to be forking out more than 200 dollars on one of these coats

Buy some Bluetooth headphones

If you like to listen to music whilst running, you’re best off with some Bluetooth headphones. Being cordless you don’t have to worry about them snagging and breaking. Cordless headphones are traditionally expensive, although some are more affordable as this guide on the Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 50 dollars details. Some people prefer earphones, whilst others find these too invasive and prefer over-ear headphones.

Make use of Merino

Merino is a great wool material with many properties that make it great for running clothing. Merino wool is great for keeping the wearer warm whilst being very lightweight and can make a great base layer. It’s also ideal for soaking up sweat whilst also not getting smelly like other materials. On top of this, it doesn’t chafe and so can prevent blisters that other materials may cause. There’s lots of fashionable merino clothing out there. The most practical item of merino clothing you can have is socks.


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