Eliminating The Exercise Risks You Never Knew About

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There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t now knows about the health benefits of exercise. We’ve all seen the studies about how much of a difference regular exercise can have on health. And, most of us attempt to incorporate it into our routines because of that. Not long ago, regular exercise was the reserve of fitness fanatics, and those trying to lose weight. Now, it’s advised for everything from mental wellbeing, to higher levels of satisfaction. So, it’s no wonder we’re all jumping on the bandwagon.

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But, things may not be as clean-cut with exercise as many of us have been led to believe. While there’s no denying there are benefits, there are also some risks involved. For the most part, these aren’t widely discussed because of concerns they’ll put people off. But, you could also argue that everyone deserves to know what they’re letting themselves in for. Plus, knowing about these risks can ensure you eliminate them. Here are a few worth considering.

Underlying conditions

Underlying conditions can cause real damage to your health when you start exercising.
In extreme cases, such as that of
Jim Fixx, these can even lead to death after a heavy session. So, before embarking on any exercise regime, it’s crucial to get the green light from your doctor. While there’s no denying that exercise helps keep heart disease at bay, it could also put your body under too much strain if you're already a risk factor. Equally, congenital disabilities could make themselves known once you get going. For the most part, none of this means that you can’t exercise. But, these issues do need to come into consideration when developing a routine. You may find that you just need to work out for short periods, rather than one long session.

Putting yourself in danger

Some exercises also put us in unnecessary danger if we don’t approach them in the right way. Jogging at night without a hi-vis could lead to accidents. Equally, going for a nighttime cycle session without adequate lighting could lead to the same fate. To make sure it doesn’t happen, head to companies like Outbound Lighting, and 
subscribe for updates to ensure your ongoing visibility. And, of course, this isn’t the only type of risk you face during exercise. Those who enjoy the endorphins they feel when pushing themselves may take to riskier options in hunt of that buzz. And, when not done right, high-adrenaline activities can have dire consequences.

Pushing yourself too hard

And, of course, it goes without saying that pushing yourself too hard too soon can do real damage. If you jump straight into a vigorous routine, you put yourself at risk of strains and injuries. While this may seem innocuous enough, some 
exercise injuries can develop into chronic conditions if you aren’t careful. The best way around this issue is to build your practice gradually. It’s also worth warming up well before each session and visiting a doctor as soon as you experience any ongoing pain


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