Five Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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If you have promised yourself to get rid of excess weight and tone up this year, you might want to give your body some help. If you are over 30, chances are that your metabolism is slower than young people’s, therefore, it is harder to get rid of toxins, and you are more likely to build up fat and unwanted weight. While a rigorous exercise routine is important, you will also have to pay attention to your digestion system, and help it break down food, while turning energy into muscle instead of storing it as fat at all the wrong places. Find five tips below to boost your metabolism naturally.

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Start With Fruit in the Morning

The best way to start your digestion off for the day is to eat fresh fruit for breakfast, or drink high fiber juices. You can eat your fruit frozen in the winter, and add it to your morning cereals or corn flakes. Instead of using milk, however, try coconut milk which has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that will help your metabolism.

Don’t Skip Coffee

Coffee also has a lot of benefits, and some people need it to start off their digestion in the morning. A freshly brewed coffee can help your body release important chemicals that will aid your metabolism throughout the day. Black espresso is the best, but you can add a bit of cinnamon or other spices for taste and even better results. A cup of coffee in the morning can help your cells burn more fat during the day.

Have a Morning Swim or Walk

To get your cells active early, try to take a morning walk or start your day in the swimming pool. By starting to exercise your muscles early, you will increase their demand for energy. You can burn fat faster, if you increase the energy need of your muscles. This means that they will be using the calories you consume, instead of allowing your body to store it as a reserve.

Drink Wine Instead of Beer

Beer is full of processed carbohydrates, and is responsible for millions of beer bellies around the world. You can swap your beer to a glass of wine at night, if you like alcohol every now and then, or simply an orange juice or smoothie if you want to be super healthy.

Use Natural Supplements

You can also turn to natural supplements, such as green tea extract, and goji berries. Check for natural oils and supplements that can potentially increase your body’s activity level, your metabolism, and help you get rid of unwanted weight faster. Eat raw honey, use mint tea for detoxifying your body, and boost your immune system using grapeseed oil.

Many people over 30 struggle to lose weight, as they don’t help their body use more energy than they consume. Make some simple changes to your lifestyle, create a morning routine, and use natural supplements and oils to help your metabolism work better. Avoid processed carbohydrates, and increase your antioxidant intake.


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