New Year, New Sport: 5 To Try in 2018

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With the new year fast creeping up on us, many of us will be looking to hit refresh on our fitness and wellbeing goals for the year ahead. And you may find that includes a new challenge. If you’ve reached your limits with the gym or are beginning to tire of your daily run, there might be an alternative at hand. Perhaps you’ve never considered it, but there are some sports out there that are rapidly growing in popularity and that could really enhance your workout.

Whether you are into team sports, or prefer something you can perfect alone, if you’re looking for a non-contact sport or something a little more direct, the level of challenge is up to you. If you’re up for a new challenge, there’s plenty out there still to discover. And while burning off fat at home is great, sometimes there’s nothing like getting out there and trying something new. So forget dragging yourself onto the treadmill and check these out instead:

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is one of the fastest-growing, most exciting and challenging sports around. Using a unique combination of striking and grappling techniques, it's brilliant for learning self-defence techniques pushing your functional fitness and combining the best aspects of both team and individual sports. Getting some proper Martial Arts Training is key to enjoying this sport safely.


Not just the preserve of half-naked celebrities, this sport is a surprisingly tough workout that engages all your core muscles. Introducing the vital element of instability, you’re constantly working to stay upright on the board, while also using your arms to propel your paddle through the water. If you live near the ocean, it's the ultimate outdoors workout.


It may remind you of high school teams, but this indigenous Canadian sport used to go on for up to three days and involve 1,000 players back in the day! Thankfully, the sport is a lot simpler now. It involves coordination and a real mental challenge as well as introducing lots of dynamic movements and aerobic fitness. It's a sport that involves some contact techniques as well.

Ultimate Frisbee

Not your leisurely trip to the park, Ultimate Frisbee is the far more dynamic, powerful version of the classic weekend entertainment. Two teams of seven compete to propel the disc into the ‘end zone’ of the opposing team. Fast and furious, it is a non-contact sport that involves a whole lot of leaping and lunging.


Not just one for Harry Potter fans, JK Rowling’s fictional sport has been propelled into reality with a growing number of teams. You don’t actually get to fly, but there are broomsticks involved, and thousands converge in New York each year for the Quidditch World Cup, so if you get practising with a Snitch now, you may just make it there.

Whatever your fitness goals, a new sport for the new year can give you a powerful motivation boost and help you to push through the seasonal slump to achieve what you have your mind set on.


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