Fitness Newbie? Try These Beginner Tips!

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At the start of every year, we see loads of people joining the health and fitness revolution. These fitness newbies all come with their New Year's resolutions, but a lot of them don’t really know where to begin. If this applies to you, then I’ve got loads of advice for you to take in. Below, you’ll see some great tips that are designed specifically for beginners, to help you get on the right track.

Set Small, Realistic, Goals

In my experience, the biggest mistake newbies make is that they set some pretty unrealistic goals. You say you want to start working out so you can drop 3 dress sizes in 3 weeks. That’s just not going to happen, and you should be set more realistic goals to keep you motivated. These goals should be short-term too, so you’re constantly working towards something.

Don’t Try Too Much At Once

It’s so easy to be fully hyped and motivated for getting fit and then completely burning yourself out because you tried too much at once. I know you want to get fit and be healthier, but that doesn’t mean you have to exercise for two hours a day, seven days a week. It’s so important to have rest days, particularly as a beginner. Resting lets your muscles and body recover, meaning you can give it your all in the next session and not risk injury. Try too much and never rest, and you’ll only end up with injuries and no results.  

Don’t Train On Your Own

If you’re new to the whole fitness scene, then you might not have a clue how to train or what exercises to do, etc. As such, training on your own can lead to nowhere. Instead, you should train with other people or hire a personal trainer. Either option ensures you’ve got other people helping you out, showing you what to do, and making sure you know the correct way to exercise. As you improve, you’ll slowly be able to train on your own.

Focus On Your Diet

Finally, you need to take into account what goes into your body, as well as what you do with your body. Diet and nutrition are key elements of fitness that many beginners neglect. Don’t get sucked into the line of thinking that you can keep up the same diet if you exercise more because it balances out. If you want true results, and want to stay motivated throughout your journey, then you should change your diet and eat healthily. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the results show, and this pushes you to keep going and keep improving.

If you’re a true fitness newbie, then I hope you’ve learned a lot from this little guide. Getting fit and staying fit can be relatively straightforward when you know what to do. It’s like climbing a mountain, you’ll find it so much easier when you’re put on the right path and know where you’re going. So, please use my beginner’s tips if you want to start your year off on the right foot and continue to grow as a person. 


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