Is Going Natural Really All It’s Hyped up to Be?

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Natural beauty, natural medication, natural makeup, natural foods–these are all things that we’ve been talking about for the past few years and there’s a lot of speculation, lies and some truth scattered around all the arguments. Going natural seems to be one of the most popular lifestyle transitions to make because it promises a number of fantastic benefits, but are these real or is this just a scam to get people to purchase more expensive products?

To help you out, we’ve put together some research and findings that will help you decide whether going natural is worth the effort and added cost or not.

Natural Eating

Natural eating is popular because it’s all about eating healthy and avoiding processed foods that are full of additives and preservatives. Although many companies are striving to get rid of these types of additives in their foods to make their products a little more natural, it seems like nothing much has changed and people are moving towards cleansing their palette.

Eating natural is going to be a little more expensive than buying processed foods. After all, more work and care is taken to prepare natural ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables, so it makes sense that it costs more. The idea of eating natural extends beyond the health benefits though, because it’s a movement that is popular with people who want to preserve our planet and understand the environmental impact of processed food. If you want to do your body and the environment some good, then look for ways to eat naturally.

Natural Medication

From supplements to pain medication, there are plenty of alternative remedies floating around the internet. Some of them have been known for ages, such as drinking honey, lemon and ginger tea to beat colds or drinking chicken soup when you’re not feeling well. However, with companies like The Kratom Connection popping up and offering natural medication that can be used for things like pain relief, it takes the idea of natural medication and kicks it up a few notches.

However, it’s worth saying that no matter what type of medication you take, it’s best to speak with a doctor and get their recommendation before you put anything in your body that could potentially harm you if you take the incorrect dosage. With that said, some people find that natural medicine is more effective for their symptoms and occasionally a bit cheaper.

Natural Beauty

Hair care products, makeup and other beauty-related items have been following a natural trend recently. This is mainly because people are more exposed to the effects of makeup and what it can do to your face and body if used for too long. This is why many people have decided to switch to natural products for long-term benefits.

Natural beauty products are, much like natural foods, more friendly to the environment and keep your appearance natural and free of artificial products. This means there are no harmful chemicals or byproducts being placed on your skin which drastically reduces any kind of irritation that you might experience.

So is going natural worth it? It all depends on how much you care about the environment and if you’re willing to spend a little more money to live an all-natural lifestyle.


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