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Now that the New Year is here, the chances are high that you are looking to transform your health. It’s a cliché, but once the old year is gone it’s a chance to create a new, better you, and it starts with well-being. Usually, people try to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol or cut out cigarettes in a bid to become healthier. What the average person doesn’t do is consider their eyes. The peepers are integral to everyday life as they are the gateway to the world. Like all body parts, they break down over time and become less effective. Blind you may not be, but your vision will definitely suffer.

Don’t worry because, like all body parts, the eyes can be restored to full health or thereabouts. Exercises and cutting out TV and mobile device use are two excellent places to start, but they are only the beginning. Anyone who takes eye health seriously needs to change their diet, too, as the right foods strengthen the muscles. The best meals to eat are the ones that contain superfoods, and you can find a list them below.

Cold-water Fish

Typically, people think that white fish is the healthiest yet that isn’t true. Whitefish does have lots of wholesome ingredients, but so do salmon and trout. The key is the type of water as cold-water fish tend to have more of the vital elements than any other. The nutrient in question is omega-3 fatty acid, and it’s one of the most important ingredients in human health according to the experts. Aside from the benefits to the other parts of the body, it also protects against dry eyes and cataracts. Impressively, it also helps to prevent the onset of macular degeneration, which is a fancy way of saying a loss of vision. Some of the fish to keep in mind are tuna, salmon and mackerel.


This is a leafy green which is often mistaken for seaweed. In fact, it’s a type of cabbage which is farmed on land and not underwater, so don’t fret. And, like all greens, it contains a host of antioxidants that are vital to eye health. Two which are worth a mention are lutein and zeaxanthin because they are particularly powerful. If you are a non-believer, these eye health specialists explain how they work and how they stop ailments. Kale is just one example but there are dozens more, from collard greens to broccoli and spinach. One fruit which you be glad to hear contains both antioxidants is avocado, a food that is very popular these days.


Yep, the ordinary, oval shaped thing in your fridge is a crime-fighting, eye promoter in disguise. It’s easy to forget how healthy eggs are because they are an everyday food which most eat for breakfast. Therefore, they are not as exotic as tuna or kale and don’t get the same respect. However, you need to know that eggs contain a range of healthy ingredients. Aside from the protein, which is crucial for strong muscles, eggs also have lutein. But, the kicker has to be vitamin A which protects against dry eyes and night blindness. Apparently, that’s a thing! Vitamins are easy to come by thanks to fruit and vegetables, yet vitamin A isn’t as common as its cousins. So, it’s not rare for the body to lack vitamin A and for the eye health to suffer. A great tip is to separate the white and the yolk and eat the yellow stuff as it’s full of goodness.

Breakfast Cereals

In recent years, carbs have become the enemy as dieters believe they lead to weight gain. Although they hard to break down, that is a plus regarding eye health. These eye doctors say that sugar is a leading factor in deteriorating eyesight as it increases blood glucose and insulin levels. The obvious thing to do, then, is to stop eating as much sugar which is harder to say than it is to do. Thankfully, there is another way: eat foods with a low GI. GI stands for glycemic index and it ranks foods based on how easy they are to metabolize. Cereals rank highly on the index because they are full of whole grains and they are notoriously full of fiber. When blood sugar levels are low, the eyes don’t weaken and aren’t as susceptible to illnesses. Muesli or All Bran are fantastic places to begin.

Fruits And Berries

An apple a day keeps the doctor away isn’t true because apples are quite low down on the food chain. When it comes to your health, citrus fruits and berries are the foods you need to eat. Why? It’s because they ram jammed with vitamin C and other nutrients. Normally, C is synonymous with strong bones because it’s full of calcium, but it also impacts the eyes. Studies suggest that vitamin C may reduce the risk of macular degeneration, especially in middle-aged and older men and women. In fact, there is evidence to show that this vitamin helps to slow the onset of plenty of age-related diseases. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, but citrus fruits and berries keep the doc away.


A piece of medium-rare steak is by no means a superfood. Those of you who are up on the subject will know that the WHO has upgraded it to a high level carcinogenic. According to the boffins, beef is in the smoking category for its ability to cause cancer. So, it will seem a little silly when this post says you need to eat more for the sake of your eyes. However, let’s qualify the statement. For starters, red meat is bad for you in large quantities and that’s when it becomes unhealthy. Secondly, small amounts of beef contain helpful levels of zinc, and this nutrient is essential to eye health. In simple terms, zinc allows the body to absorb vitamins that prevent eye diseases. 

So, are you ready to change your diet to help your eyesight now and in the future?


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