Why Is Hydration The Key To Everything

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As we look for new ways to keep healthy, active and looking young, naturally, we are prone to making a few mistakes now and then. Much like we've been told now that eating an abundance of carbohydrates isn't the best thing for your health and that we've been treating fat unfairly, the one constant in keeping healthy, that every doctor and health specialist agrees with, hydration is essential. We tend to underestimate keeping hydrated for some reason, but lots of us don't drink the adequate amount of water every day. So, what does water really do for us?

It Hydrates Us

Our body content is 70% water. Naturally, we need to keep this level up, because it helps us function on a daily basis. 75% of your muscles are water, your brain is 85% water, and 82% of your blood is water! Think about it now, if you aren't giving your body what it needs in terms of the amount of water, are you going to function properly? It's doubtful!

It’s A Detoxifier

Water is the key to getting everything going in your body. It helps the blood system to work, it helps the lymphatic system to clear out toxins, and it also works wonders for your digestive system. If you are dehydrated, these functions aren't going to work as well. And while most sports drinks and the like speak of having “essential minerals” that make it better than water, the fact is that water has all these essential minerals. Water has potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. There's an interesting article on Wonky Water debunking the myths of these so-called essential sports drinks. Water is essential when you exercise, which is a natural detoxifier in itself, but it's going to help detoxify the system even better if you stay hydrated. We've all had that horrible feeling when we don't have enough water, we have headaches, and everything feels heavier. This should be reason enough to keep yourself hydrated.

It Helps Us Lose Weight

As already mentioned, water is a natural detoxifier so it will help you to lose weight in this sense. But also, if you drink enough, you will naturally keep your weight down, because your body feels sated. Have you ever felt hungry, only to find that if you drink enough water, those hunger pains stopped? A handy trick is to drink a glass of water before every meal, as this will stop you confusing your hunger and your first.

Water is vital, and we all know this! The Japanese believe that water has very strong health implications. Japanese people believe that drinking 600ml of water as soon as you wake up will increase your longevity. The Japanese have the highest life expectancy in all the world, so there is a chance that they might be heading in the right direction with this! Regardless of your overall diet, which can be altered for the better, the first thing any dietitian will ask you is if you are drinking enough water! When you feel tired or hungry or just don't know what to do with yourself, have a glass of water! It's very simple, and it may be the thing that makes you feel better!


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