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Not only is bloating pretty uncomfortable what with the uncomfortably full feeling and the pain that it brings, but it can make it feel like all of your efforts to get fit and tone up have been for naught when your stomach is sticking out like a balloon. So, pretty much none of us ever want to be bloated, but unfortunately, many of us find ourselves suffering from the condition all too often.

I think it’s time to beat the bloat. It can be done, and it’s actually not all that difficult to achieve - just check out these tips:

Check It’s Not a Medical Condition

Although bloating is usually caused by lifestyle choices or hormonal changes, there are some conditions such as anasarca and some food allergies, which can cause the stomach to bloat and they are much more serious, and you will need medical attention for them. So, if your bloating seems to happen all too often, not be related to any of the other stuff in this post, and doesn’t go away, get it checked out, rule out anything serious and then try the rest of the tips in this post.

Eat More Fiber

If you tend to suffer from constipation a lot, that could be a major cause of your bloated belly. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid both by adding more fiber to your diet. Ideally, you should be eating at least 25 grams of fiber a day, and it should come mostly from fruits vegetables and legumes. If, however, you need a little extra help psyllium husk supplements can work wonders. Once you start going more regularly, you should notice an improvement in your symptoms.

Eat More Slowly

If you’re a fast eater, scarfing your food down instead of taking the time to savor it, that could be causing your bloated belly because you will swallow a lot of air along with your food. So, slow down and chew more. Try to make each meal last for at least 20 minutes and see if that sets things right.

Drink Fewer Sodas

If you drink a lot of soda and other carbonated beverages, you can hardly be surprised to find yourself bloated and uncomfortable at the end of the day, after all, those drinks contain gas and it can so easily get trapped in the stomach, making you really uncomfortable in the process. Anyway, water is the healthier choice. If you don’t find plain water palatable, infuse it with a little fruit for a drink that is healthy, refreshing and bloat-beating.

Give Up the Gum

Chewing gum, like eating too fast, can cause you to swallow more air than you really should be, which could cause you to become bloated. So, switch out your gum for mints instead.

Be Wary of Artificial Sweeteners

Not only do some studies suggest that taking artificial sweeteners in your food could actually cause you to gain weight, but there is some evidence to suggest that the sugar alcohol that is contained in food prepared with artificial sweeteners can cause bloating. If you must have them, you should limit yourself to two artificially sweetened items per day.

Go Easy on the Salt

High sodium levels least to water retention which can lead to bloating. So, try to always go for the low sodium option if you can and only add additional salt to your food after tasting. Salt is a vital part of our diet, but too much of it is undoubtedly bad for the body in more ways than one. Use it sparingly.

Limit Legumes

Although I advised that legumes (like lentils and beans) are a good source of fiber earlier (and they are) if you are not used to eating them in large quantities, or you notice that you become gassy and bloated, then you may want to limit your intake until your body gets used to them. Soaking them for longer may also help to reduce the compounds that can make you gassy.

Take Herbal Remedies

There are numerous herbal remedies that can help to ease the symptoms of bloating and gassiness. They include ginger tea, peppermint tea, natural yogurt, parsley and probiotics. Try taking them after you notice the first signs of bloating and you may just be able to prevent a hugely bloated belly.

You may have to use a bit of trial and error to find out what your triggers for bloating are, but once you know what causes your belly to get bigger, you can use the above techniques to treat them. In fact, trying them out one at a time is a great way to work out what’s causing the problem in the first place.


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