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Everyone could use a little helping hand from day to day. However, instead of expecting the helping hand to come from elsewhere, when we apply better modes of living, we have autonomy and pride in our good decisions. For this reason, it’s important to live in a way that allows for you to be maximally healthy. Of course, everyone has their own little strange failings in health. It might be that you have heavy eczema, or that you’re hypersensitive to forms of allergies.

However, with the right medical advice before you proceed, you can do a lot of good for yourself in simply making the right decisions. These decisions are made daily, and so to get the best benefit you might consider sustainable habits to get you doing. The following are methods that are easy to apply to your overall health, and give you something worthwhile in exchange:

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is the dense mineral composition in soil. It allows us to gain all of the minerals our body and skin needs to feel healthy in the modern day. However, it’s easy to become minerally deficient. Supermarket crops are often toiled over and over again, meaning that the soil loses its mineral benefit over years. For this reason, supplementing with a fulvic acid (a few drops in non-chlorinated water,) daily can allow for better skin health, better hair health, renewed energy and a sense of inner calm. This is especially important if you are of the elderly population. You might find that after a week or so, you are filled with renewed life thanks to this renewed mineral consumption.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is something that has been used for centuries. The tea tree oil uses have been well documented from culture to culture, and so ignoring this is likely a foolish thing to do. If you’re looking to increase your health and overall appearance, nothing could be more pleasant and easy to use. Tea tree oil allows you to heal scars, strengthen hair, allow for a boost of your immune system and reducing bodily smells to name a few. This extremely beneficial ingredient can be found in many products, from shampoo to soap, but the pure oil is often one of the best and most concentrated cost-effective ways to go.


For those interested in following a healthy lifestyle, MCT Oil can be very beneficial. Ketosis is one of the most popular diets around right now and is considered to be more of a lifestyle. However, MCT Oil (which are medium chain triglycerides, a super healthy form of saturated fat,) allows for the presence of ketones in the body without having to follow that diet super strictly. This is beneficial for any diet for multiple reasons. It helps power your body and brain in a manner that doesn’t need to be broken down into glucose. For this reason, it can help you feel supercharged and cognitively clear during your daily work. Perfect for long days at the office, or work that otherwise drains you.

With these three things in mind, you can potentially add a perfect new health routine that helps you feel and look the way you deserve.


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