How Group Fitness Can Make You Happy

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When it comes to your fitness, are you a member of a pack, or more of a lone wolf? While you may think that you prefer to go it alone, there are many benefits to getting into group fitness, and many ways to do that, whether it's joining a basketball team, a local running club or finding great new group fitness classes near you.

Whether you’re an expert or just a beginning, exercising with others gives you the opportunity to make great memories, experience the positive side of fitness and make a great change - both mentally and physically.

Make Yourself Accountable

A major reason why new fitness regimes fail is a lack of accountability. But if you make a commitment to a group activity, and there’s a set day and time, it can work wonders as a motivational trick. The sense of ‘letting others down’, even if it's just in your head, can be enough of a push to make you lace on those shoes and get going if you’re wavering. If you’re struggling to be consistent, it can be just the structure you need. Instead of thinking you’ll fit your workout in when you get time - only to find the day is over and you didn’t get around to it - having signed up in advance means you’ll do the reverse and plan your day around the class.

A Sense of Belonging

Feeling a part of a group is a basic human enjoyment, but finding that sense of camaraderie can be hard outside of environments like school or college. Sport can be a shortcut to getting that back in adult life. As you finish a challenging fitness class, step into your Custom track uniforms with your teammates or cross the finish line of that race in your running club jersey, you feel a part of something bigger than yourself. Bringing people with the same passions and positive intentions together is a great, inclusive experience that will add a new dimension to your life.

The Expert Touch

Group fitness has a big draw in respect of the fact that it can offer access to expert guidance that you’d otherwise miss. From classes led by qualified instructors to coaching at a semi-pro level, a great leader can be a huge draw. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from their insight and experience that you could never hope to achieve using workouts on YouTube. A great instructor always draws a following in the local area, as they know how to create an enjoyable, challenging and expert atmosphere that keeps people coming back. You don’t have to guess at how to put together the best workout for your ability levels - all the hard work is done for you. Simply turn up and join in!

Change the Status Quo

It's easy to get stuck in a fitness rut, where you find that you’re going through the motions, not really challenging yourself. A group activity is a very effective way to turn it all around and make sure that you get a well-rounded workout. You can learn an entirely new skill or use a class to bolster your least favorite activity - for example, if you normally dread cardio, a fun, dance-based class can make it more appealing than hitting the treadmill solo. Bad at working on flexibility? Add some Pilates or Yoga tuition to increase your range of motion and improve your overall fitness.


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