4 Strategies To Make Your Workout More Effective

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When you first start working out, the results can take you by surprise. It can look and feel as though the weight is dropping off- giving you the confidence and motivation to carry on.

However, as the weeks and months go by, your progress can slow - affecting your enthusiasm and making you feel as if you’re working hard for nothing. If you’re feeling frustrated by your workouts, then take a look at these four strategies for making them more effective so that you can start seeing results again.

1. Keep your focus

It can be easy to get distracted while working out. Stopping to answer a text, talking to a friend or fiddling with your playlist can all eat into your workout time and make it less effective. Instead of letting things get in the way, minimize distractions. Instead of focusing on how much time you’re spending on your workout - write a list of everything you want to achieve. Make your way through the list and feel better for having a workout plan that helps you make the most of your time.

2. Increase the intensity

If you find that your current workout routine is no longer challenging you, it might be time to up the intensity. You can increase the intensity of your training by doing more sets or using heavier weights, upping the incline on cardiovascular machines or increasing your speed. By increasing the intensity of your workouts, your body will once again have to learn to adapt to the challenge - something that will make your muscles work harder and make them start to take shape again.

3. Boost your nutrition

To make a workout more effective, you should focus on good nutrition. A healthy breakfast at the start of the day (at least an hour before your workout) can help set you up with the right proteins and fats to get a great workout, while you also need to fuel your body post-workout to help your muscles repair. Protein is an essential part of workout nutrition, so make sure your diet is rich in protein. You can click here for a guide to different protein powders that will help you increase your protein intake easily. Meanwhile, make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and to help you going during your workout.

4. Switch to high-intensity training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has increased in popularity, becoming the workout of choice for those wishing to achieve fast results without the chore of a long workout. There are many benefits to HIIT training that will help increase your endurance as well as help you see great results from your training. HIIT workouts can help speed up your metabolism, prolonging the fat burning long after you leave the gym!

When you start feeling like your workouts are no longer getting you results, do something about it. Switch up your workouts and take a deeper look at your routine to help make them more effective.


  1. Great tips. Being consistent is one tough thing when you follow a workout routine. Motivation and the desire to achieve the goal is one thing that can help to maintain the habit.


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