Here's Why You Have Stopped Losing Weight

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It’s really frustrating when you try and do everything you can to lose weight, only to step on those scales to see that you have gained 3lbs. You may even feel as though you are eating healthier than ever, but before you get too discouraged you need to know that it is normal for you to stall like this. This is because your body has already adapted to the same energy demands that you have, and it’s using fewer calories. The best thing that you can do here is to try and shake things up a bit so that you can shock your system and kick it back into gear.

It’s Not All About Weight 

If you have stopped losing weight then you need to know that this is only temporary. You need to think about everything that you have achieved. After all, you have managed to bring your weight under control and you have also given your body a really good boost as well. You probably also feel way more energetic and this can work wonders for your metabolism. You should be proud!

Calorie Creeping

One of the main reasons why people struggle to lose weight is because their calorie intake seems to go up over time. You may not even realise that this is happening, but if you start to give yourself more generous portions then this will really have an impact on your weight loss adventure. Check to make sure that your portion sizes have not increased and make sure that you are always counting your calories accurately. You’d be surprised at how much this can make a difference!

Conditions and Your Health 

If you suffer from a range of health conditions then this could also stop you from losing weight. If this is the case then it may be worth looking into vaser liposuction to see if you could benefit from it. You’ll also want to see if your BMI is in line with your height, because you may be surprised to see that all of this time you have been building muscle instead! To avoid situations like this, you need to make sure that you don’t just weigh yourself, you also need to use some BMI scales so that you can check your weight against your water levels. This is a great way for you to see if your body fat is going down!

Secret Snacking

Another reason why people stop losing weight is that they tell themselves that one snack is alright, and they don’t add it onto their diet plan because they don’t think that it will make a difference. When you do this a couple of times a week, you could be adding hundreds of calories without even realising it and this can cause you serious problems. You need to stay honest and you also need to be strict with yourself about your calorie intake as well. Only you have the ability to change, so it’s very important that you stay honest and that you do everything you can to really give yourself the best chance of success.


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