A List of the Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet

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Do you find it hard to lose weight? Maybe you just know how important it is that you really take the time to try and look after your body now you are getting older. Either way, eating healthily isn’t easy and you will have to say no to yourself from time to time. The main problem that a lot of people experience is that they don’t actually know how bad certain foods are for them, so when the time does come for them to have a cheat day, they load up on sugar and carbohydrates without even really knowing the effects.

Coffee Creamer
Coffee creamer contains artificial coloring, added sugar and a ton of trans fat as well. The problem here is that cream isn’t actually on this list. A lot of brands contain cottonseed oil and even hydrogenated soybean as well. These ingredients can impair your memory and they can also seriously increase the chance of you developing heart disease at a later date as well. if you want to avoid all of these nasty ingredients then one thing that you can do is swap to cow’s milk instead. If you don’t like this then there are plenty of plant-based products out there for you to choose from and you can even add actual cream to your coffee if you want. This is a great way for you to really go that extra mile.

Bleached Bread
The unhealthiest ingredients in white bread include bleaching chemicals and the worst one is azodicarbonamide. If you look on the back of your loaf of bread, you will see that the very first ingredient is wheat flour. You need to carry on reading here, because if it doesn’t mention that the flour is unbleached then there is a high chance that your sandwich is loaded full of chemicals. The chemical listed above is used to make bread much more fluffy but it has also been linked to asthma and even cancer as well. For this reason, you should try and avoid it at all costs. So how do you replace this? One thing that you can do is swap it out for brown bread. Any nutritionist will tell you how important it is to make smart decisions like this, and it all starts from the moment you go shopping.

Diet Soda
Diet soda is another very unhealthy product. Harmful ingredients include aspartame, bisphenol A, caramel coloring and more. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener and it works to try and increase the glucose level in the body. This really does go on to overload the liver and it causes it to convert more cells into fat. The other chemicals listed are also equally as dangerous. There aren’t any sodas that are diet, that doesn’t contain any of the above ingredients. If you want to turn things around then one thing that you can do is swap to fizzy or flavoured water. This is ideal if you don’t want normal water and it is also great if you want to try and get that great taste without all of the added chemicals.


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