Here's How Waking Up Early Can Revolutionize Your Fitness

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It’s the same old grind every day; rush out the door bleary-eyed with a half-eaten breakfast still on the table in order to make it to work in time, down a dozen cups of coffee to stay focused and forget about your hunger, and then drag yourself kicking and screaming to the gym afterwards before returning home and watching TV until the early hours of the morning.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Sound familiar?

Many of us struggle with balancing a healthy schedule, and with fitting exercise into that schedule, without completely sacrificing our health and wellness in the process.

Luckily, there is one fitness and lifestyle success trick that can make all the difference. Waking up early. All you need is a plan, a good alarm app, and maybe some Biopods to make your early morning jog all the more enjoyable.

Here are some ways waking up earlier can revolutionize your fitness.

You can complete full workouts while you’re still fresh

By waking up with plenty of time to spare before work, you can have a pre-workout snack, train while you’re still fresh, and while your body is busy energising itself for the day (rather than powering down for the evening), and even squeeze in a solid post-workout breakfast before leaving for the office.

Training first thing in the morning means you begin every day with a victory tucked under your belt. Not only do you feel relieved to have the workout out of the way, and pleased for yourself for having achieved it, you also flood your body with mood-boosting endorphins and wakefulness-promoting hormones, too.

Needless to say, you’ll be far more enthusiastic about your workouts when you do things this way, and you’ll likely feel much more energetic and positive throughout the day.

Your quality of sleep will likely improve over time

Believe it or not, but humans are meant to sleep when it’s dark and be awake when it’s light.

In experiments, researchers have found that taking chronic insomniacs camping for a few days, without electronics and artificial lights, was a reliable way of resetting their circadian rhythms to match the normal cycle of night and day.

When you’ve adjusted to an early wake-up time, you can expect your quality of sleep to improve considerably. Sleep, of course, is largely responsible for the repair of the body, and its when we sleep that our bodies release large quantities of growth hormone.

Sleeping better, in other words, can have a profound impact on health and fitness.

Your productivity will improve, and so too will your confidence and resolve

By waking up early, you get a head-start on the day. If you’re focused enough to avoid endless procrastination, this means that you’ll be more productive, earlier, than you otherwise would be.

This increased productivity will begin to improve your confidence and resolve, including your sense of what’s possible.

This increased belief in yourself can easily translate to a more diligent and disciplined approach to issues like fitness and nutrition, which will, in turn, feed further self-confidence and belief.


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