Moisturizers Can be Highly Effective, When used Carefully!

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We bet, in your skincare regime,  the simplest part would be applying moisturizer. A dab on the palm, one minute of application, and you are all set to go. Well, sadly, it is not that simple! If this is how you use a moisturizer then you must be always wondering; why the moisturizer isn't delivering what it was supposed to. In fact, you would continually experience dry and dull skin. Eventually deciding to discard the product finding fault in its ingredients that cause these effects, right?  

There are several moisturizers on the market and all of them aren't made with harsh chemicals. Imagine yourself purchasing various moisturizers not getting any results. Wouldn't you feel, it is not the moisturizer but the application technique that is going wrong all the time?

Applying a moisturizer for excellent results does have a technique!

Dry skin makes the skin look dull and old.  We need a moisturizer to keep our skin looking vibrant and wrinkle-free. If your skincare routine is simple, in which you solely need to apply a moisturizer when you wish, unfortunately, you are wasting your time and money. In fact, to get great results, we need to know the right way of applying it.

  • Dry Skin and Moisturizers
We live under this impression that to hydrate the skin and to get rid of dryness a moisturizer is the best way. Well, this is a big no! Dry skin has a layer of dead cells present.  The top layer of the skin does not allow anything to seep in, not even the moisturizer.

If you need the best results for your dry skin, then before applying the moisturizer, rub and wash your skin with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells. Pick a mild scrub that has honey and yogurt then, apply the moisturizer onto the skin. In fact, the best thing to do is to; take a shower, use some scrub, and then before the skin becomes dry, apply moisturizer.

  • Forceful Rubbing:

If you are forcefully rubbing your moisturizer onto the skin in order to make it vanish from the surface then you are actually allowing the benefits of it to evaporate into thin air. When rubbing is done forcefully, friction is caused and due to friction between the palms and face the water content in the moisturizer tends to evaporate before it reaches the top surface of the skin. Also, anything that causes the skin to go loose, adds to wrinkles and aging.

To avoid this, apply it gently onto face in a circular motion in the upward direction. Near the eye area, use the smallest finger to apply it as that area is too delicate. To experience excellent results, leave a thin layer of moisturizer on the skin and let it absorb naturally before you start with your makeup.

  • Picking The Wrong Option:

Sometimes, even when you are doing everything properly the results are nowhere to be seen. This is because you picked a moisturizer that does not suit your skin type or has some ingredients that badly affect the skin.  Picking the right moisturizer is crucial if you want amazing results - is a great place to search.

  • Myth - Moisturizers Are Not for Oily Skin:
This is the myth that most people live by. “I have oily skin, why do I need moisturizer?!” Just because oily skin becomes greasy, doesn't mean you do not need a moisturizer. Oily skin tends to grow worse as age passes and with time, if moisturizer is not what is being applied to the skin, this effect tends to grow bigger. If harsh makeup products are in your makeup routine then the skin gets more affected due to the lack of moisturizer. To balance the effect, the skin itself produces oil which makes skin look dull and aged. If oily skin is your problem then do not use products that have mineral oil and pore-blocking ingredients, use moisturizers that are light on the skin.

The use of moisturizer changes with age as the skin changes every few years.  After your 50s, the skin becomes a little loose and requires different care in comparison to your 30s. Also, if the climate changes, you experience hormonal and eating habit changes, you ought to have a flexible moisturizer skincare routine. 


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