Overcoming The Mental Mountain of Weight Loss

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Weight loss is not easy. Often, this is because a certain set of behaviors and personal justifications have led us to this point. We may have become overweight or obese due to emotional pain, a physical malady, or many other reasons that might be understandable when fully explained.

However, whatever reason you may have for it, your body, of course, will not listen. It understands that to live in an obese frame is harmful, and will suffer as a result. There is no emotional understanding there ready to help you shed the pounds - that is unless you work for it.

However, this is easier said than done. Often telling obese or overweight people to just ‘live healthier!’ or ‘get more exercise!’ is obviously sound advice, but it’s not that simple. To be obese is to be dysfunctional to some degree, even if that dysfunction is solely related to matters regarding diet and exercise. This is not to say the person who is obese should be considered less amazing in their character at all. Everyone needs to work on themselves in some capacity. However, even with the wit and the will to make a change, sometimes overcoming the mental mountain of weight loss can be a very tricky thing to begin, especially if the behaviors run deep.

Luckily, there are methods out of this that could work brilliantly for you. It’s an uphill battle, but slowly you can begin to find a new way of perceiving your health journey. Health and fitness is just that, a perception shift. It’s not just the act of going to the gym or choosing to have a healthy breakfast. It’s the emotional truth underlying all of that to make you interested in self-care. Here are some incremental steps to how:

Small Victories

Small victories are everything when transitioning from an unhealthy to a healthy state. Okay, you might only be able to do three to five pushups right now. That’s not an amazing number. However, if you are used to doing zero pushups daily, that’s an incredible improvement. Next week, you might get to eight. The week after, you might do twelve. Then you could start adding multiple sets.

This lone pushup example shows how little, daily victories mean everything, and can keep you pushing forward to your main goal. Take pride in these. They wouldn’t exist without your effort.

Compare Your Past Self

Remember that people around you are running a different race than you. Some will be faster, some slower. If you compare yourself to them all, you are sure to become demotivated. The secret is that someone will always be fitter than you, and someone will always be less in shape than you. However, how do you stack up against the person you were yesterday? He or she is the only person you should continually try to be better than.

It’s Okay To Get Help

It’s fine to get help, particularly if you’re at a weight very damaging to your health. This might mean getting emotional support or counseling, having phobias seen to, addressing an underlying emotional problem you have, or going for physical remedies like gastric sleeves. Just remember to stay in contact with people, as socializing can help often. Even if this is online via a gastric sleeve VSG Community forum, you can meet some excellent people and realize you are never alone on your journey.

With these simple attitudes and tips, and your willingness to see the core truth they are offering, you’re sure to overcome the mental mountain of weight loss sooner rather than later.


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