Transforming Your Home For A Senior Relative With Style

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You love your parents more than ever. They showed you the way when you were a child, and they’re still here to advise you nowadays. However, your aging parents may not be as healthy and independent as they once were. For their own safety, you might want to consider welcoming your elderly parents in your home. For a lot of people who decide to care for senior relatives, the most difficult part is to transform their interior effectively without losing the homely feeling.

We all get older
First of all, it doesn’t matter how much care you take of your health or your relatives’ health. Everyone gets older and experiences the failures of their bodies. Issues such as regressing eyesight or hearing don’t affect the mobility of your relatives but might change their independence if they are not spotted early. In fact, a lot of elderly people can stay independent for a very long time – some well into their late 80s and 90s – if they receive the appropriate medical attention. In short, you don’t have to change your home if you can encourage your parents to stay fit and healthy with adequate routines.

Start with the bedroom
But when your beloved parent begins to show signs of reduced mobility – which can also be the result of a fall, as bones can become more brittle in old age, making it difficult for the body to recover – it is a good idea to suggest they move in with you. You can start with a comfortable and personal bedroom with an access-friendly bed and an overbed table with light perfect for nursing homes and health requirements. Be aware that your relative may feel disorientated at first. So you can help them by creating a meaningful bedroom decor, such as by reusing their favorite photos, for instance.

What to change in your kitchen?
You’ll be pleased to know that your kitchen doesn’t need to undergo any renovation work to make your parent feel at home. However, you might want to check your cupboards and fridge for unhealthy food: In old age, it’s more important than ever to eat healthy and nutritious meals. If you’re already used to healthy eating habits, you will not need to change anything to your cooking preparations. However, a word of advice: Seniors struggle to absorb calcium, so help them by including dairy products or calcium-rich algae in each meal.

Do you need to change the lounge?
Do you need to add a mobility-friendly chair in your living room? You don’t have to. But you can find solutions to bring your relative’s favorite chair. This little gesture can help make them feel more at home. Additionally, for severe mobility disorders, you can consider modifying their chair to ease sitting in.

Bathroom requirements
Last, but not least, remember to remodel your bathroom – or create an en-suite – to meet mobility requirements. You might need to add ramps into the shower and by the toilet, for example, or find a walk-in bathtub.

A lot of families care for their old relatives at home. While it’s a nice thing to do, it doesn’t have to dramatically transform your home into a place that feels clinical and senior-focused. You can maintain your stylish decor with smart senior-friendly tweaks! 


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