No, You Can't Quit Cold Turkey

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When you have a bad habit you’ve tried to get rid of, it can be difficult to pick the right strategy. Quitting cold turkey is a common strategy, but it isn’t always successful. In fact, the rate of failure after trying to quit a harmful habit abruptly can significantly exceed the success rate. In other words, the best thing you can do when considering ditching bad habits is to ignore advice that suggests cold turkey. Contrary to what a lot of self-help articles and books preach, changing your habits requires more than just strong motivation. If you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, you need to build up your routine to the next level.

Why cold turkey doesn’t work

It’s fair to say that quitting cold turkey only refers to addictive habits, from alcohol to sugar treats. Unfortunately, regardless of how motivated and dedicated you are, a sudden cease in your addiction can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Sugar, fat, tobacco, alcohol and drugs are responsible for addictive behaviors that rewire your brain. As a result, your body can be affected dramatically when you decide to quit. Therefore, you might be likely to go back to your habit in an attempt to manage the physical response to cold turkey.

Ease gradually into a lesser poison

The best solution is to reduce your consumption over time, and progressively learn to rely less on a harmful habit. Whether you are trying to stop relying on sugar treats as a reward or to quit smoking, you will find it easier to maintain if you work towards your goal one step at a time. Indeed, you can switch to vaping products, for instance – License to Vape e-liquid reviews is an excellent place to start. For sugar rush addicts, a sweet but healthy treat can help to decrease your cravings. Indeed, it is essential to train your body and brain to drop the addictive behavior.

Find a positive habit to replace your bad one

A habit is ultimately a learned behavior that you repeat to face specific situations and events. In other words, when you drop a bad habit, you need to replace it. Indeed, a bad habit serves as a response to a situation – often stress-related – so that by abandoning it, you are left with no response or indication on how to react. Building a positive habit to refer to when the same constellation of events arises can help you to fill the blank. Think of it as a behavior pattern that supports you when you need it most.

Control your health

There is no denying it: Quitting is hard. So, even if you choose the slow path, it is likely that you will encounter health issues, such as elevated stress, blood pressure or even sleep deprivation. You can use health tech gear to keep track of your body reactions and your overall fitness levels. For instance, while your body is going through the increased pressure that is associated with changing habits, keeping an eye on your stats ensures you can react rapidly if something goes awry.

It is unfair to think that quitting cold turkey is a sign of dedication to your goal. Ultimately, your fitness and health journeys need to be adjusted to your current condition. There is nothing to gain in creating higher stress. Take it slowly to improve your health in the long term. 


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