5 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Move

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Dianne Belencio-Abonita

Stress will always be there when you’re moving from one location to another. Regardless if you’re doing it for commercial or personal purposes, a move can require time and effort from you. You’ll have to complete several tasks weeks before the move and rearrange all of your belongings once you arrive at the new location. On top of these, you have to adjust to your new environment so you can continually function as a parent, employee or a student. All of these things can become too overwhelming and can lead to too much stress – and everyone knows that nothing good can ever come from too much stress. Stress can adversely affect all other aspects of your life and can even put your health at risk in the long run. Fortunately, there are many ways on how you can have a stress-free move.

The number of tasks involved whenever you’re moving can become the reason why you’d end up being stressed. This is especially true if you’re moving with a large family. However, you don’t have to feel the same way as your next move because it’s always possible to minimize and even avoid stress. If you want to remember a move for being stress-free (and not the complete opposite), consider the tips below:

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1.  Give yourself time: You can experience stress when you’re not prepared to do or experience something. You’ll doubt yourself whether or not you can accomplish tasks which are given abruptly and this can lead to stress. Don’t let the same situation happen when you’re moving. The moment you already have a moving date, start planning about the tasks to be done, and how and when are you going to do all of these. When you’re prepared for what will happen next, you’ll be able to provide solutions for possible problems which can happen along the way. The more prepared you are, the lesser stress you’ll experience during the move.  

2.   Get organized: It’s not enough that you take mental notes of the tasks you have done before the moving date. You should be organized and prepare a list of to-dos for all your tasks. If you’re planning to clean your home next week and then pack all of your valuables during the next weekend, indicate all of these in your to-do list. This list can also help you determine which tasks should be prioritized and which should be accomplished next. A to-do list, regardless if it’s done in pen and paper or with an app, can guide you on the things you have to do and prevent you from being all over the place. You’ll be able to effectively use your time with this list.

3.  Clear out the clutter: You might have bought everything you own but this doesn’t mean that you have to bring everything to your new house. If you have unused clothing and usable furniture, have these sold in garage sales or give these to charities. When you bring items which you actually use, you can save valuable space in your new location and money from paying moving expenses. Plus, bringing items which you no longer use will only collect dust– and you don’t clean these the moment you arrive, right?

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4.  Ask for help: Even if you’re the only person living in your house for years, you don’t have to do the move all alone. Call your friends and family and ask for their help. You can have them help pack your valuables, lift heavy boxes or take care of your pets especially on the day of the move. Asking help from people you personally know doesn’t only lessen your stress and responsibilities but this will also serve as an avenue for you to learn how to move successfully. For sure, your friends and family have experienced a move in the past and can provide you with helpful tips.

5.  Say goodbye: Moving to another location can be heartbreaking especially if you stayed in the area for decades, much more if you spent all your life in one location. When you’re moving with a heavy heart, tasks will seem more challenging and you can even suffer from depression over time. Steer away from this direction by giving yourself the time and outlet to say goodbye. Invite friends over to your home for dinner or have them throw a party before you’ll leave. You can also choose to spend a day lounging around in your neighborhood to reminisce all of the good memories you had there.

A Change Of Heart

And while moving to another location might require a lot of things from you, you always have the option not to be stressed about it. You might be bombarded with a long list of tasks which should be completed weeks before the move but this doesn’t mean that you should let stress get in the way. There are many strategies on how you can combat stress during a move. Once you’re able to master these strategies, you’ll change how you think about moving – from a stressful and tiresome chore to a fun and memorable experience for everyone in the family!  

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