Are Your Senses The Key To Unlocking A Restful Night's Sleep?

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It’s shocking how many of us struggle to get a restful sleep every night. A survey by Consumer Reports found that a whopping 64% of American adults reported having at least some difficulty. And, with more of us browsing our phones right up to bedtime, this is an issue which only looks set to get worse. This is worrying. Not getting enough sleep can have negative implications for both physical and mental health. You’re certainly never going to feel like the best version of yourself if you’re forever operating on less rest than you need.

One of the main reasons this is such a widespread issue is that of over stimulation. As mentioned above, many of us spend the hours up to bedtime on our phones. Others answer emails or watch exhilarating movies right up to bedtime. As well as exposing us to blue light which notoriously blocks sleep, these also ensure our senses are on full alert. Is it any wonder, then, that we don’t manage to sleep the way we would like? 

The good news is, knowing this is all it takes to help you get a good night’s sleep. If your senses are keeping you awake, they could also be the key to unlock better rest. All you need to do is consider how you can use each to your advantage. 


You should already know that blue light is a bad sight to see right before bed. Equally, colorful or exciting images and even bright lights are going to keep you awake. Instead, it’s crucial you aim for ambient lighting which works to calm you down. A dimmer switch in the bedroom could be all it takes to get this right. There are also plenty of sleep-specific lamps out there, such as the Lumie, which should see you dropping off in no time. 


If you listen to the bustling sounds of television moments before bed, you’re obviously going to struggle to sleep. Equally, loud or excitable music is sure to keep you awake. Instead, you should make an effort to listen to calming sounds to help you sleep better. In general, you should aim to avoid music here altogether. Instead, listen to white noise, or download an app with nature sounds. ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is also incredibly popular at the moment. Many people find a few minutes of listening to this sends them straight to sleep.


Last, consider smell. While sharp citrus scents can wake us up, calming fragrances such as lavender and chamomile can send us to sleep. By placing something like the scent machines offered by Aromatech in your bedroom, you can ensure you feel sleepy the moment you enter the space. Equally, dabbling the right essential oils on the back of your pillow could work wonders here.

Rather than letting them keep you up, use your senses to get the best sleep possible. Within a few weeks of applying methods like these, you should be sleeping like a baby. 


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