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Advancement in technology and medical science has transformed procedural and surgical techniques to the unthinkable stretch. Plastic surgery and implants are making lives easier by artificial reconstructions for the accident survivors, and helping women regain their beauty and self-confidence. On the other hand, cosmetic and beauty industry is utilizing the cutting-edge treatments and procedures to offer the look of your choice and boost your self-esteem through cosmetic enhancements.

More than just cosmetic enhancement

Breast augmentation and breast surgeries are prominent among women seeking cosmetic enhancement. However, for many women, these are more than just cosmetic enhancements. Majorities of women, who undergo these procedures, realize them for medical treatments:

·         Breast reconstruction for an accident survivor
·         Breast reduction to avert breast cancer, and
·         Breast reconstruction after pregnancy

While the cosmetic motives are optional and women can choose to wait until they save for the surgery, the medical reasons are unavoidable and require abrupt attention. If it was for a few years back, breast implants used to be luxuries and unthinkable by the average earning women. They were a sign of opulence for many because, like many other cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation is an expensive route. Paying for breast implants demand a strong financial background.

According to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cheapest breast implants costs somewhere around $3,719. In excludes the further cost that ascends with alternatives that are more durable. For example, Silicone breast implants are way costly than Saline breast implants.

Things go wrong when-

·      Insurance companies deny covering the Breast implants as most of them consider these optional and not medical treatments.
·      Banks deny medical loans, leaving personal loan is the only option, that too if you have enough assets to put on collateral. Moreover, personal loans and loan against equity carry huge interests and are nearly unrealistic for an average independent woman.  

Be paid for your breast surgery with crowdfunding

Luckily, in 2018, the advancement in internet and web technology has made these luxuries quite accessible for the average women. Here, in this article, we will explain how crowdfunding is a realistic alternative to get free breast implants. With the internet doing wonders in almost every sphere, online crowdfunding has assisted thousands of women to get free breast surgery after participating in their campaigns. With effectively, free breast implants, an average woman can realize her dream of a beautiful body or save herself from the medical complications without compromising her equities and assets in banks loans.

By taking generosity to the web world, crowdfunding is helping deprived people to get financial donations from across the internet. The world is full of men and women who donate to the disadvantaged people and online crowdfunding platforms are the mediums to connect with them. Out of the numerous conducts to pay for breast implants, crowdfunding is evolving as the safest method.

·     Obsolete financing- Crowdfunding makes your breast surgery effectively free, as you will not be paying for it, instead, the crowdfunding platform will pay from the donations.
·    No credit score required- You do not need possessing a good credit score to get financed your breast implants, as you do while applying for a bank loan.
·      No collateral required- No need to put anything on collateral, as you do in loan against equity from the banks and finance companies.
·      No Interest rate- Need not paying high interests rates, as crowdfunding offers donations, not loans.
·    No assets required- Need not selling your assets to the pawnshops, as you would be earning your donations instead of getting them as finance.

Dedicated Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding is a general concept, which utilizes numerous platforms to accumulate funds for a cause. Be it by selling tickets for a charity rock show or selling lemonades in your backyard, the concept of crowdfunding goes in a two-sided model. Crowdfunding can be either way. It might have or not have something in return for the donators. However, the successful campaigners do offer something in return to attract more and more contributors. Even this kid had lemonades for the donators who contributed around $7K for the family of a martyred deputy.

Online crowdfunding works in a similar manner. There are dedicated crowdfunding sites, which support the campaigns aiming at financing breast surgeries. Just googling the below phrases would return numerous platforms dedicated to the special cause- 

“Finance my breast implants”, “Crowdfund breast implants”, “free breast implants”, “free breast surgery”.

The dedicated crowdfunding sites for cosmetic surgeries are the new way to pay the huge hospital bills. The medical and cosmetic procedures, which once were luxuries, are now conceivable for common independent women too. You do not need to inherit the wealth of your wealthy husband to realize the body of your dream or reconstruct your parts after an accident. With crowdfunding platforms, you can unwaveringly connect with the online community of men who are already donating many such women like you with a liberated will.

What is in it for men?

As we discussed, crowdfunding can swing either way. Some men donate to show humanity to the fellow human and without any expectation. While some donate with a hope to get material rewards. On these dedicated sites, you would find the men with three primal expectations:

Material reward in return to the financial favor-

The material expectations differ from men to men. Some might join to find sugar babies, while some might possess a mere desire to interact and get attention from a woman. The method of interactions can range from text-based live messaging, telephony conversations to webcam chats etc. Please do not confuse these sites for porn tubes or escort sites. The interaction is only allowed via already provided methods. Off-site interactions are either banned or left on the will of involved individuals. 

Browse intimate content

To encourage men for donations, many of the crowdfunding sites offer advanced methods to let men get rewards in other kinds. For example, HerBodyBank site allows women to upload their hot and sexy pictures and let men browse these after purchasing them. There is another collaborative feature, which allows women to earn huge amounts by conducting private cam shows for the donator.

Find women for non-adult interaction or long-term relations -

As both men and women can interact on these sites without being judged, many men sign up to find women for casual interaction or dating. For these men, the dedicated crowdfunding sites are the prime location to find women who might be interested in them for long-term relationships.

Are dedicated crowdfunding sites safe for women?

It depends on the platform you choose for the cause. It is same as purchasing and paying on an unknown eCommerce site. You would not trust for the safety of your credit card information without researching about the site. Moreover, various private and federal regulatory bodies keep eyes on the eCommerce business to ensure consumer safety. Swindles occur even after that if you become a little negligent. 
It goes to crowdfunding sites as well. Not all are trustworthy. There are various risks involved for both the women and men. Like e-commerce sites and many other operations, it is wise to be cautious while selecting a suitable crowdfunding platform.

Risks involved-

      For men- A malicious site might steal credit card information or other personal data.

    For Women- A malicious site might deny paying the funds after the campaign. Moreover, notorious, users might leak your intimate content on the internet just for fun.

How can you trust one?

There are risks involved in every operation on the internet. Credit card information might get leaked on e-commerce sites as well. Personal data might get leaked on dating sites too.

·     There are authorities, which protect the crowdfunding sites. For example, the FBI and local law bodies keep a keen eye on these sites to prevent money laundering and the flow of black money.
·   Crowdfunding platforms come under commerce businesses. Hence, they are bound to comply with the federal and international commerce rules. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is one such body.

Hence, like every other e-commerce site on the internet, crowdfunding sites are safe only if they comply with the regulated conducts. A comprehensive research on the aspect like, eCommerce standards, site history, previous customers, testimonies, payment safety, information and data protection measures etc. can lead you to a perfect crowdfunding site for your free breast surgery.

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