Top Reasons to Move to Canada

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It’s time for a change of scenery. Many things have become unaffordable in the United States.  Therefore, your goal may be to move out of the country.  However, you may not want your final destination to be too far, like Europe or South America. Why not consider Canada?  

Canada has many prominent features and benefits.  Three primary benefits of moving to Canada are free healthcare known as universal healthcare, low crime rates and legal marijuana. In addition, Canada’s province of Ontario‘s abundant resources make the province virtually self-sufficient, affording it a good place to live and work. Ontario is known for forestry, mining, and manufacturing; and is also Canada’s largest producer of fruits, vegetables, and a variety of agricultural products.  

Not convinced yet? The following article will outline the desirable benefits of moving to the second largest country in the world.  Canada offers numerous strong elements from music opportunities to vast employment and business opportunities. 

Music Lessons/Musically Talented? - If you or your family are musically inclined, one of the best areas to hone your musical skills or talent is at the Ontario Conservatory of Music.  The Ontario Conservatory of Music offers many different services and has a reputation for its high-quality music education.  The Conservatory has been around for 80+ years and is the largest school of its kind in North America.  Located in Orangeville, they can be reached at 905-687–7480.

Hunting In Canada - Ontario is the fourth largest province in Canada boasting breathtaking natural features which include a majestic Canadian wilderness. There are beaches, mountains, and waterfalls for Ontario’s citizens and visitors to enjoy.  Ontario has a diversity of climates, landscapes, and game offering an avid hunter a variety of hunting experiences including deer, moose, bear, small game, and waterfowl.  The bow and arrow is a popular hunting technique in Ontario. Information regarding this challenging hunting technique can be found by clicking here.

Must-haves for Your New Space - Relocating to a new home can be exciting as well as overwhelming as you begin the task of deciding what interior design best suits your personality as well as what essentials are necessary for everyday life.  In order to spark your creativity and help you choose what best reflects your personal taste, check out

SUNPAN is a global furniture company popular in Canada.  SUNPAN specializes in the design and manufacturing of transitional and contemporary furnishings. They take pride in their designs which reflect international trends in fashion and interior design.  Be sure to take a look at their latest online catalog today.  It will serve to give you a sense of style you need to create your own “personal” and “special” space in your new home!! 

Business Opportunities in Canada - As marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use in Canada, opening a medical marijuana dispensary is a good business opportunity well worth exploring. This is especially true for the province of Ontario. Ontario has legalized smoking in certain public places. Recreational marijuana became legal in all Canadian provinces on October 17, 2018.  Medical marijuana is delivered to a qualifying client via mail through a licensed commercial producer.  A medical document must be filed through a healthcare practitioner in order for an individual to become a client. In Ontario alone, there are 16 licensed commercial producers.  Just Cannabis is an excellent reference point to begin research.

Okay, so now you’re convinced to join the 250,000 others who immigrate to Canada per year.  The first step would be to contact the Canadian consulate closest in proximity to learn how to apply for your visa. If you make the move, you won’t be disappointed as the country has a wealth of benefits from multicultural people to vast resources and cultural institutions.


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