Are Your Fitness Goals Floundering? Tips To Help You Hang In There

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The trouble with new year’s resolutions is that often, they’re hard to keep. We start off with bags of energy and all the enthusiasm in the world, but a couple of weeks later, our goals are already under threat. If you’ve made a vow to try and get fitter in 2019, and you’re struggling to stick to your plan, here are some top tips to help you hang on in there.

What is your motivation?
If somebody asked you why you wanted to get in shape, what would you say? If you only started a new fitness regime a few weeks ago, the motivating factors are probably still the same, but you might have lost track of why you wanted to get fit in the first place. Remind yourself why you wanted to make changes. Have you got a goal weight in mind? Are you trying to build muscle? Are you keen to expand your social circle and meet new people? Are you hoping to improve your physical health, or are you looking for ways to boost your mental wellbeing? Are you aiming to become more confident and comfortable in your own skin? Are you training for an event or a competition? Whatever your motivation, it’s always useful to think about the changes you want to make and the reasons why. If you find yourself wanting to duck out of workouts, write a list of reasons to be more active, and take a look at it every time you’re thinking about swapping the gym for the sofa.

Have you ever noticed that you run that little bit faster when you come across somebody on your path in the park or you step your game up when a fellow gym-goer climbs onto the treadmill next to you? Competition, even when it’s indirect, can make us try harder. If you’re used to working out on your own, and your motivation is dwindling, have you thought about going to classes, asking friends or relatives to exercise with you or joining group training sessions like those available at UP Fitness. If you’ve got friends with you, you’ll work harder, but you’ll also have more fun. If you’re with new people, they can push you, and you may forge new friendships along the way.

It might seem unlikely that exercise could ever be fun if you’ve reached a point where you dread going for a run or hitting the gym. The truth is that even the most dedicated individual can get tired of doing the same old thing. To beat boredom and keep motivation levels high, it’s a really good idea to try and have as much fun as possible when you work out. Switch up your sessions to try new exercises and give different activities a go. You don’t have to run all the time or spend your life lifting weights or doing crunches. Alternate gym sessions with swimming, cycling, trampolining, spinning, dancing or any other activity that gets the heart pumping. Try different settings, spend time with friends or go to classes where you can meet other people with the same goals, and find exercises that you enjoy.

If you’re struggling to keep up with a new fitness plan, and you’re tempted to throw the towel in, monitor your progress. Look how far you’ve come from day one, and be proud of what you’ve achieved. Whether you’ve lost a few pounds, you can now see the faint outline of a tricep, you’ve shaved 5 seconds off your 10k time, or you feel a lot calmer and less stressed, these are major milestones that are worth celebrating. If you’ve achieved this already, what more can you do? If you knuckle down, try new exercises, and inject a bit of fun, there’s no limit to where you can go. Keep setting goals along the way to your main objective, and reward yourself when you hit those targets. If you do have a day where you can’t be bothered to train, make sure you get up and get moving the next day. It’s perfectly normal to have days that feel like a challenge, but it’s how you respond to setbacks that really counts.

Have you set fitness goals that you’re struggling to achieve? Are you finding it tough to drag yourself to the gym or have you had enough of your new routine already? Think about what is driving you and the targets you want to hit, introduce some friendly competition, and try and have fun. Consider how far you’ve already come, reward yourself along the way, and keep working towards that end goal.


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