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As an entrepreneur, there’s no better business resource for you to have than a consistent team of hardworking and talented employees. These individuals make up the backbone of your organization, as, without them, your company wouldn’t be able to stay up and running. When a member of this team is off sick, it slows operations down and puts everyone else under pressure. With that in mind, here are six things that you can do to keep your employees healthy.

Choose The Decor Wisely
The environment within which you work can have a big effect on your overall health. For this reason, you must make sure that you choose the decor of your office wisely. Stick to calming colors to reduce stress, opt for ergonomic furniture to minimize injuries, and decorate with plants for better air quality. You should also keep the space tidy, by regularly clearing out the clutter.

Provide Healthier Eating Options
When the only food option available to your employees is a vending machine stocked with unhealthy snacks, they aren’t going to make the best choices when it comes to their diet. To support their healthy eating, you should provide more nutritious foods for them to eat. You may not be able to afford lunches for everyone, but you can keep healthier snacks in the break room.

Encourage Them To Exercise
Those working in an office tend to spend much more time than they should be sitting down. However, you can encourage your team to be more active by providing somewhere for them to work out. All you need to do is fill a spare room with some gym equipment, such as the best adjustable dumbbells you can find. It’s also important that you get stricter about taking breaks.

Offer Some Great Benefits
Unfortunately, you may not have the money or the space to create somewhere for your employees to work out in the workplace. Thankfully, you can still support their regular exercise regime. All you need to do instead is give out free or discounted gym passes. There are many other great benefits you can also consider, including health insurance and paid days off sick.

Open The Office Door

While it’s important for you to keep your ear to the ground and watch out for employees suffering from health issues, you aren’t going to be able to spot every problem. Because of this, your team needs to know that they can speak to you when necessary. Introducing an open door policy is a good place to start. This also allows staff to offer suggestions on how to be even more healthy. 

Make It A Game
Although some of your team will welcome the healthy changes in the office, others will need a bit more of a nudge to get on board. A great way to do this is to gamify the process. Many people thrive on competition, which means that, if you offer rewards for individuals sticking to a healthy lifestyle, more will be willing to try it out. Coming up with challenges can see the best results.

The best businesses have great teams behind them, so keep yours healthy by following the tips above. 


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