Vice Versa! Making Simple Health Swaps To Hack Your Life

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Even the most health-obsessed person can't be healthy all the time, and while we have the best of intentions, we can fall off the wagon on occasion. So, what's the answer? Is it about cutting yourself some slack? A lot of people would argue that it is, but if we're trying to make tweaks to our lifestyle, it's not just about being strict with our regime but making little swaps that can help us to feel the difference...

Sugar For Natural Sweeteners
Sugar is the biggest culprit in the kitchen (and in the wide world). By exposing ourselves to sugar on a constant basis, this triggers a receptor in our brain like if it were a hard drug. By swapping sugar for natural sweeteners, like honey or agave nectar, we can make healthy swaps in those sweet treats. Not only in terms of cookies you bake, but you could also make fat bombs that have the minimum amount of sweetener in it but still tastes like a sweet treat.

Painkillers For Pain Reduction Methods
We very easily reach for over-the-counter remedies, and there are plenty of natural painkiller remedies out there, like purple space cookies if you're looking for a more medicinal approach to marijuana when you suffer from constant pain in your life, it's important to get into the habit of pain reduction methods. Because if we use painkillers on a regular basis, we can build up a resistance to them. Instead, we need to focus on more natural approaches, such as by applying cold or heat to the problem, as well as tackling our own attitudes to pain. If we suffer from a long-term health problem that gives us a lot of pain, it's amazing how many of the issues can be solved by retraining your mindset. Meditation is something that's been shown to reduce blood pressure, but also improve mindset, which naturally has a positive impact on pain.

Running For High-Intensity Interval Training
A lot of people go running, and while it's a very healthy pastime as far as cardiovascular health is concerned, it can play havoc with our joints. And if we have to run mile after mile in order to feel the benefits, this eats into our time. Instead, why don't you make the swap to something like Tabata sprints, or any form of high-intensity weight-bearing exercise? There's a lot of medical specialists out there now that say weight training has the same health benefits as cardio, and even more so! If you're looking for a quick swap so your health benefits, but you also have more time to enjoy life, high-intensity interval training may prove to be the missing link!

These three swaps can change your life. Not just in terms of your diet, or your health, but these can provide you with a springboard to a new outlook. After all, if we have unhealthy habits in life, or we just don't have the time to form healthy habits, we've got to find ways to cheat the situation. Because we are so reliant on unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices now, it can be very difficult to go cold turkey. So make some of these swaps and feel the benefits.


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