Developing A Stress-Free Work From Home Environment in 3 Simple Steps

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Recent mainstream media has been discussing the increasing number of individuals that are working from home versus commuting.  Many are negotiating deals with their employers whereby the employer will allow their employees to work from home for part of the week.  In fact, I personally know many who commute one to two days of the work week and work from home for the remaining part of the week.  Working remotely has a wealth of benefits including financial savings, convenience, independence, and more.  It can potentially allow one the opportunity to create a healthy home-work-life balance.  Preparation is key in order to effectively maximize these benefits for your personal and professional advantage. 

The following tips will aid in your preparation to create a stress-free work from home environment in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS!

Step One - Organize Office Space 

Having a well-organized office space increases productivity and reduces stress.  Envision how you would organize office space based upon what fits with the type of work you are performing.  For example, if you plan to meet clients at your location, be sure there is suitable space along with comfortable seating for guests.  Make a list of all necessary furniture, equipment, and office supplies.  

Instead of fumbling through papers to find important phone numbers or contact information,  create and maintain a supplier contact list. This will be helpful for everyday contacts as well as in case of an emergency.   One highly recommended supplier that should be added to the list can be found here:
Step Two - Build Relationships with Trustworthy Suppliers

A few months ago, we featured an article which focused on business resourcesIt emphasized how carefully chosen business resources could ultimately help with the success of any business. It's important to build relationships with trustworthy suppliers, especially when it comes to money and financial products. There have been several businesses who have lost revenue due to hackers and computer crimes. In fact, during 2014, US News & World Report, stated - over 5 billion is lost annually due to hackers.  Cyber crimes affect all stakeholders - consumers, business owners, and employees.  Thousands of potential jobs are lost due to the revenue decrease from hackers.  For peace of mind, be sure that all computer and electronic equipment has up to date protection at all times. Utilize email encryption to secure important forms and documentation.  Perform research on suppliers before utilizing any resource.  If the business requires live financial transactions be sure to utilize the best 3ds 2.1. 3ds 2.1 allows hassle-free credit transactions, between consumers and business owners with enhanced authentication.   

Step Three - Consider Including a Pet to Your Workspace

Including a pet in your workspace can help reduce stress throughout the day. Imagine being able to reach over and pet an animal during a stressful conference call.  Pets are proven to help decrease stress and anxiety resulting in a more positive approach to how we react to stressful situations.  Simply petting an animal is known to significantly reduce stress hormones such as cortisol. Pets can provide distractions for people suffering from mental health disorders such as anxiety, PTSD, or depression by giving them something to focus on in a positive healthy manner. Importantly, let's not forget about companionship and unconditional love!  Dogs and cats are among the most popular choices when considering an animal for the home. When making a decision, one should think about what type of daily activities and care the pet will require. For example, will there be enough time to take a dog for a daily walk? Perhaps a walk can be incorporated into a work routine during lunch? Or, consider a cat if your schedule doesn’t permit you to leave your work area.   Keep in mind, cats can be more independent than dogs allowing more freedom and flexibility to a daily schedule.   Don't forget, to reward your pet with some delicious treats. Visit for amazing choices. What ever pet you may choose, adding a pet to your workspace is an easy way to help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

We'd love to hear from our readers!  Please comment below or email to tell us your ideas on how to create a stress-free work from home environment to be featured in an upcoming article.  

Source:  Risen, T. (2014). Hackers Cost More Than $445 Billion Annually. US News & World Report. 


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