How Regular Exercise Can Benefit Your Business

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Forget that common excuse prevalent amongst a lot of business owners…

"I'm too busy for exercise."

Because making time for some kind of workout programme actually has benefits for your business day. Why?

1. Exercise reduces the number of sick days
Regular exercise bolsters the immune system and helps to fight off common infections and illnesses, so to ensure you don't need to take any sick days, and to ensure you have healthy employees who don't need to have time off either, implement some kind of exercise opportunity into the day. This might be in the break room, perhaps with a ping pong table or some other kind of activity that supports movement, or it could be through deskercise, which you, and each of your employees should commit to at regular intervals during the day. Consequently, being fighting fit and with less sick days to deal with, there will be less disruption to your business.

2. Exercise promotes team-building
The closer your team are, the better equipped they are to work well together. And the same applies to the relationship you have with your team members. Therefore, commit to some kind of exercise programme that you can do as a group. So, you might take part in exercise classes on site, perhaps with the aid of a company specializing in corporate wellness. Or you might take on an active hobby together; something that you take part in after work hours. Whatever you do, know that a stronger team can make for a stronger business, so talk with your employees and come up with an exercise strategy together.

3. Exercise improves productivity
Taking part in exercise before and during work will energize your mind and body. Being more alert and active, you will consequently work harder and more efficiently during the day. And the same applies to your employees, as they shouldn't suffer any slowdown in the tasks they are responsible for at work. Being more productive, both you and your employees will get work done on time, meet deadlines, and have less need to do overtime, be that on your business premises or at home. There should then be a boost in morale because of the sense of achievement and work-life balance that a productive day offers, and that can further improve productivity.  

4. Exercise can reduce stress
Not many workplaces are stress-free, so no matter what business you are involved in, you need to commit to stress-management for you and your employees. This can include workplace meditation and on-site therapy, but for the purposes of this article, it can also include exercise. Physical activity alleviates the symptoms of stress, as it pumps feel-good chemicals into your brain and consequently improves your mood state, and it can also relax your body and mind. Exercise also provides a distraction from your stressors, and it can help you get a better perspective on them. So, be sure to take part in some kind of exercise during the day, especially when stress threatens to take a hold on you. You will then be able to better manage those stressors that would otherwise hinder your day.

Today then, consider how you might fit more exercise into your working day. Encourage your employees to do likewise, and perhaps, as we suggested earlier, commit to some kind of workout together. Your business will benefit if you do, as both you and your employees will be better equipped to commit to the tasks that are relevant to your place of work.

Let us know what you think, and please share your ideas with us too!


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