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Health Kick Hit a Standstill? Here’s How to Get it Going Again

Written by Featured Contributor 
We’re at that time of year when many of us are on a bit of a health kick. January when we feel guilty about Christmas overindulgence, and June/July, as we’re preparing for our summer holidays and worrying about fitting into a bikini are busy times for gyms and personal trainers. We all suddenly decide that we need to diet, get more exercise, and make other lifestyle changes that could help us to lose weight, look and feel better, and improve our fitness. 
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Health kicks tend to start well. We got in with great intentions and massive goals. We hit the gym hard and restrict our calorific intake. In the first few weeks, we can see the pounds drop off and notice real changes in both our bodies and our stamina. Then, it’s all too common for things to hit a standstill. The results stop coming or slow down drastically. You might even start falling back into old habits, and your muscles certainly won’t keep growing at the same rate. This ca…

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