A New Year Welcomes New Opportunities: Never Be Afraid to Reach for the Stars

~Never be afraid to reach for the stars~ 
A New Year Welcomes New Opportunities:
Never be Afraid to Reach for the Stars
D. Arevalo

Just a quick "hello". 

I learn more and more about publishing articles and postings on the web each day.  I truly enjoy writing and I have been given some great compliments.  I am going to continue to do this as a hobby and I hope to one day publish a book. 

I've learned a great deal over the past several months about life and something that always sticks with me is: "Never be afraid to reach for the stars".  What this means to me is never be afraid to do anything, no goal is to high to reach. The goal lies ahead if you develop a concrete path to follow it.  You are responsible for yourself and no one and nothing should hold you back from your dreams.  When I started the blog, I wanted to hide behind an alias and now I want everyone to know who the real Determined Diva is - DANA! 

My readers and followers, get an extra bonus because I love to share my findings.  I am doing much more writing than I have in past.  I found a contributor network (thanks to my sister) called Yahoo Shine.  It actually has been around for awhile.  Based upon your own specific preferences it finds writing assignments for you.  You are also given the option to write on any topic of choice.  So far I've written two great articles.  If you have a chance please visit.  It is a great site to network with other bloggers and content writers.

One of my articles is in the process of being reviewed so it may not be posted yet (check back often).  I would like to share with you the first article I wrote:

Never Settle For Less

Keep reaching for the stars; your dreams WILL come true.  Thank you for reading and remember never give up. 

With love & support,
~ Dana

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  1. Let's begin the weight loss journey! I'm in.....

  2. Yes. Weight loss journey is on!

    Thank you for your response!

    ~ D xo


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