Upcoming Contest with Got Fat?

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"Upcoming Contest with Got Fat?"

Hello All. 

Hope everyone got some form of exercise in today.  Yesterday I worked out twice!  Treadmill/cardio for one hour (3 plus miles) and MT kickboxing for one hour.  I feel amazing today, and I owe it to the exercise.  Tonight I hope to do either aerobics or kickboxing again, whatever class is available. 

If anyone has any fitness or exercise questions, please ask.  If I do not know the answer I will definitely find out for you.  The purpose of this quick post today is to inform you that I am almost at 10,000 visits/hits.  I thank each and everyone for visiting even if it was only for a brief moment.  Even if I motivated only one person with my posts, I am happy. 

To show my appreciation I am hosting another contest. The entrants will have to post their favorite motivational quote and what it means to them so start thinking about it.  The grand prize is to be determined.  There will be two winners.  Second prize will be a magazine subscription to a fitness magazine.   I am also on the horizon of developing a weight loss contest, coming soon! 

Exercise Today!  Always, stay Motivated and Confident! 
With Love and Appreciation,  

~ Dana xo


  1. Hi,
    I really need to loose weight, but I recently started working out and I notice the scale no longer moves in the direction I want it to. I know muscle weighs more then fat, but what does one need to do? I need to loose and tone. Should I loose the weight first (skip the weights and just do cardio) or continue to combine both work-outs. HELP SCALE NOT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION......


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