Introducing 'Fitness with Frank'

"Fitness with Frank"

Get ready gals and guys...I've promised new and exciting things. Now it's time to deliver. We now are adding FRANK to our blog!  Frank takes great care of himself and will be visiting us once per week.  So please be sure to stop in often for his fitness and weightlifting tips.  Can't wait for his first post. If you have a specific question for him, please post as a reply to his postings or email

Welcome Frank!  

Hello everyone,  I'm very excited to start writing for Dana's site that she has set up here and look forward to spreading my knowledge and inspiring those who tune in on a day to day basis.  First off let me introduce myself.  My name is Frank, born and raised in Northern New Jersey.   I see the stereotypes already beginning to form in your minds.  Trust me, New Jersey is nothing like you see on TV.  Anyway on to a little more about myself.  I personally have been involved in fitness for several years at this point and it has totally transformed who I am as a person and my life in general.  One must remember that fitness is NOT a fad or something to pass the time but it is in fact a way of life. I transformed myself from a 38" waist weighing in at 212lbs to a summer time weight of 165lbs and a 30" waist.  I believe that everone can obtain these same results with the proper tools including motivation and inspiration.  I will not be selling you on some infomercial work out machine, nor will I be selling you on some multi DVD work out, and no I will not be selling you on some fad diet shake program.  What I will sell you on is that hard work will get you results.  That is where I will help to be that light in the darkness directing you in where to go.  Many people try to follow incorrect programs, incorrect advice,  don't see results become disheartened and give up.  I'm here to help maintain your focus, achieve your goals, and lend some inspiration.  Remember a thousand mile journey begins with one step.  I promise you the journey you are about to take will not be an easy one, but I can also promise you that it will be one of the most rewarding.  Today we have taken our first step toward a new you.

Thank you for stopping by!  


  1. Thanks Dana and Frank for the inspiration. I am so glad other people see that all those high-prices equipment and shakes are only a temporary fix. We all need to endure hard work and maintain a routine.

    Looking forward to hearing more from both of you.

  2. Thank you. I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I will be covering various parts of a "fit lifestyle." I'm always looking for feedback so if you have questions or a topic you would like me to cover please let me know.

    I look forward to our journey to a better you.


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