Life Is What You Make of It!

"Always DO What you are afraid to DO" ~ Ralph W. Emerson

Today's post will be short, real, and to the point. Still having computer issues.

If you truly think about it, life IS what you make of it. I'm not perfect no one is. I'm real. Real people allow themselves to feel true emotions. They tell the truth and allow themselves to make mistakes and experience pain. They cry, they scream, they love, they dislike...they are envious, at times. It's what you do with those emotions that truly counts.

For example, if you begin to feel envious, replace the thought with, I will be thankful and happy for what I already have. Another positive way would be to realize that you can have the same. You must 1) be happy with yourself 2) set a goal 3) take steps to reach the goal 4) believe in yourself and your abilities ALWAYS!!! You create your life, you control your own emotions and thoughts.

Have an awesome "HUMP" day.

I am determined.
~ Dana xo

It's time for me to set a true goal for myself....


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