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Todays Topic is......Drum Roll!!!!!

                              How to eat small portions!
We all heard it so many times!
“YOU NEED TO EAT SMALL PORTIONS” ,,, yes, yes, I get it eat a little throughout the day.
BUT! How do I gain this habit of eating small portions?

Here are a few tips I personally use,

Use smaller bowls- the lager the bowl, the more food you’ll end up consuming.

No seconds!- Yes, it was so good the first time around! But trust me, it's not so tasty the second time around! Just keep away! Tell yourself you’ll eat again in 3 hours.

Handful snacks- I enjoy eating unhealthy foods and it’s ok too, BUT only a handful. Grad a handful of peanuts, chips, crackers, fries, chocolate m&m’s, chocolate kisses. LOL I love my chocolate!

Drink water- I don’t do this all the time, but I try to jug a class of water before a meal.

Eat nuts- If I’m REALLY HUNGREY before a meal, I’ll eat a handful of nuts while I’m cooking. This helps me avoid binge eating from being too hungry.

Eat when my son does- It’s so hard trying to eat every 3 hours! Mainly because we are so busy it’s hard to keep track of the time. Having a toddler is my personal alarm clock. Toddlers have such small tummys; they naturally eat small meals throughout the day. I eat whenever my toddler does which is usually every 3-4 hours because of his tiny tummy. =)

Small size- Anytime I eat fast food which is about twice a month, I order from the kids menu OR a small coke with small fries.

I hope these tips will help you control your portion size!
Please comment below and share your tips!!!

Jennifer peele
A Mothers Fitness2Love
Helping others find a love for fitness.


  1. Jen,

    This is an AWESOME topic. While I am motivated for exercise, I often "snack" too much. I need to try some of these tips.

    Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Dana


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