15,000 Hits & Counting

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." ~ Conrad Hilton

15,000 Hits and Counting

First and foremost shout out to those individuals who visit often, follow our advice, share, and comment.  Without followers and those who are interested in our content, 15,000 views would not be possible. 

One of the biggest parts of success is being thankful. Being thankful and helping others draws and or attracts more success to you.   

Next, I must thank each and everyone who has interviewed with us.  Interviews have piqued the most views, aside from exercise advice and motivation.  In general people are curious and love to find out about others.  Got Fat? loves to support individuals and conduct interviews to help individuals shine while offering services and advice to our audience. 

Got Fat? is also extremely gracious to have contributing writers: Jennifer Peele and Fitness Frank.  They are two amazing individuals who really "know" what they are talking about.  They help because they "love" to motivate and inspire others. 

Got Fat? is ecstatic and satisfied when we motivate people even if it is only one individual.  Helping others make goals,  finding out what works for them and following through is what we are all about.  Keep following, sharing, commenting and we will coach, motivate and inspire you to reach your fullest potential.  Use our support, advice, and motivation that is why we are here. 

Yes....I have decided that we are having another give-away to show our support and gratitude.  But first.... I must try and reach out to Giant Sis again.  She was the winner of the magazine subscription give-away last time.  Giant Sis please reach out to Dana at danaarev@gmail.com

Contest details are in the works and will be posted within the week. 

Also, coming soon - Got Fat? Newsletter.  Stay tuned. 

Please review us and or make suggestions.  Check out all of our tabs. 

Dana A. xo .. & Jenn and Frank, too

pssstttt....get ahead of the contest, visit the "review us" tab and tell us what you think about us and why.

Wednesday, tomorrow, we will speak to Kristy Small a great lady who has been exercising in the comfort of her own home since February.  Can't wait!


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    1. Thank you, much appreciated. Keep stopping by :).

  2. 15k! That is great, thanks for all the great posts! :)

    1. Thank you so much Rachel xo. If you get a free moment. Please "Review Us" :). Tab Above.


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