Bonus Post:Dana's Updates to Got Fat? plus more

"If you want to be happy, be." ~Leo Tolstoy
Bonus Post:Dana's Updates to Got Fat? plus more

First and foremost please be sure to read Jennifer's post today. As always it is awesome, it discusses eating and working out.  I feel like I have been working out to eat, as well.  Working out to Eat

Over the past couple of weeks I have been networking full force.  I've decided to bring interviews back, they are a perfect way to network and allow individuals a chance to be themselves and in the spotlight, as they deserve.  I have about five lined up and will do my best to deliver one per week.  One is with an author, can't wait!  Speaking of interviews Rachel Pisano of Two Boys and a Lady, interviewed me.  I was actually honored and it felt great to be in the spotlight.  See my interview here:  Two Boys & A Lady interviewed me

This week I have been on a true writing spree.  I wanted to share that I became a Yahoo! Contributing writer, I joined this venture in January. If you enjoy writing you can join too.  They have assignment based articles and you may also post to their blog.  The fun part for me is that I submitted my first article for an upfront payment to Yahoo! News and it was accepted for publication:  Violence in FranceI also shared an awesome guide to spring fun Spring Fling.  I am waiting on another article's publication as well.   

I really love writing/blogging, fitness, and motivating others.  It means the most to me when someone tells me that I have helped them or they want to follow my lead.  This is the simple reason why I continue sending out positive messages to others.  I feel that I am living proof one can achieve anything they set their mind to.  Dream, plan, believe, practice and follow through always.  Most importantly - be thankful! 

You can also check me out every Thursday at P.O.V. Blog

New motto:  I'm impressive because I work at it. 

Have a wonderful weekend, I have a fun topic lined up for Monday! 

With love & gratitude,
Dana xoxoxo

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